Let’s call it what it looks like – ignorance

Published 1:35 pm Thursday, December 28, 2017

(Editor’s note: This is a reply to Dr. William Scott’s recent column, “Let’s call it what it looks like — a treasonous act” from Friday, Dec. 22, 2017.]

After meandering through the ramblings of Dr. [William] Scott’s column one is left bewildered as to what was his point (?). In addressing his convoluted ideas and putting forth a summary one can say “let’s call it what it looks like — ignorance.”

The ill of ignorance of which we seem to mire deeper in day by day is an ill that we in his own words “have been living with for a very long time — I remain hopeful that this country will eradicate these past ills, and I’d say, eventually completely exterminate them from our culture.”

Totally agree. Let’s eradicate ignorance by educating ourselves, our children and society at large as to the truth of American history and not hide behind political buzz words and bias.

The men still honored in the statues you demonize held far higher virtues than the majority of politicians today. In addressing the “Quislings,” America is founded in treason by seceding from the rule of the British crown.

The fact is that it is easier to control society and the strings of government when it is dominated by an overbearing central authority (i.e. today’s Federal gov’t.)

This was the strategy [Abraham] Lincoln and his cronies sought and with this they created the American empire. We’ve exchanged one empire for another and now dishonor those who stood against this abomination. It is truly unfortunate to see that those honored in this fight for self-determination and liberty are sacrificed today by being called turncoats.

Ignorance, Dr. Scott, is not bliss.

Jonathan Varnell
Elm City, North Carolina
Native of Southampton County