Land transfers

Published 1:32 pm Thursday, December 28, 2017

Isle of Wight County

The following land transfers were recorded in Isle of Wight County Circuit Court for the month of November.

Lud L. Spivey to Matthew A. Ward, 31.689 acres Spivey Prop-W/D, $99,080.

David O. Key to Murray V. Toler, Lot 15 Windsor Estates-W/D, $240,000.

Lorne D. Wyatt to Caroline L. Forehand, Lot 21 Ph 2 Gatling Pointe South-N/D, $450,000.

Julie K. Menna to Edward C. Woodson, Unit 49 Ph 27 Woodbridge at Eagle Harbor, $232,900.

Richard W. Coyle to C. Scott Emerson, Par C 9.5 acres Richard Coyle Prop, $76,000.

Richard W. Coyle to Samantha S. Briley, Par B 9.996 acres Richard Coyle Prop, $86,000.

Joseph C. Robinson Tr. to Larry B. Mason, Remainder 15 acres Parcel South Caroline Ave.-H/D, $36,000.

James Leslie Babb Jr. Tr. to Bryan L. Babb, 2.74 acres Par A Shiloh Drive, $0.

Jeffrey C. Hassinger to Jeffrey C. Hassinger, 1.515 acres Billye M. Rose Walters Village-W/D, $0.

Brad S. Frantz to Paul V. Crist, Lot 4 Sec 1A Gatling Pointe South, $369,000.

Thomas Lee Spencer Mayes to Spring Lake Drive LLC, Par 1 Mayes Prop-N/D Lse, $0.

Tract 3 LLC to Patrick D. Cahalen, Unit A Bldg 1600 Ph 33 Bridgewater, $182,235.

B.B. Bailey Realty to James D. Cowan, Lot 58 Sec 3 Booker T. Estates-N/D, $165,000.

William D. Lynch Jr. to Paula C. Hollmon, Unit 8 Ph 6 Woodbridge, $229,900.

Markar LLC to Mark T. Robson, Inst. 17-345 Boundary, $0.

Marc Q. Perkerson to Kathleen J. Ruffin, Parcel Rt. 630, $0.

Mary A. Garris to Presson Construction LLC, Parcel Rt. 630, $21,000.

Manohar S. Koura to Brad S. Frantz, Lot 19 Sunrise Bluff, $475,000.

Dina B. Hill to Curtiss E. Peterson, Interest Lot 64 Rescue Village and add parcels-N/D, $75,700.

Needham E. Jones to James B. Taylor, 13.67 acres Par B Bowling Green-N/D, $0.

James B. Taylor to Needham E. Jones, Remainder 14.49 acres Bowling Green-N/D, $0.

Historic St. Luke’s Restoration to Betty T. Bennett, Pt Lots 154 Sec B St. Luke’s, $1,600.

Historic St. Luke’s Restoration to Joyce C. Soles, Pt Lots 146 147 and 148 Sec C St. Luke’s, $4,800.

Jonathan Fluhart to Travis M. Epling, Lot 34 Sec 3B Wrenn’s Mill Estates-H/D, $260,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to James McLaughlin, Unit Cr Bldg 1500 Ph 23 Bridgewater, $115,000.

J. Ray Barlow Jr. to Shirley K. Barlow, Interest remainder parcels adj Tormentors, $0.

William B. Fletcher to William B. Fletcher Tr., 13.69 acres Par A1 Elmolia Tynes Prop-N/D, $0.

Jeffery Morgan Rogers to Michael Anthony Mumford, Parcel 62 acres-W/D, $0.

Jeffrey A. Wright to Nicole Marilou Wright, 4 acres Jeffrey A. Wright Family Prop-W/D, $0.

Jeffrey A. Wright to Teresa L. Wright, 4.0018 acres Jeffrey A. Wright Family Prop-W/D, $0.

William J. Holleman Jr. to William J. Holleman Jr., 8.5 acres Par A Holleman Family Prop-H/D, $0.

Joshua M. David Tr. to Robert Baker Brumback Tr., Lot 5 Pagan Point-N/D, $0.

Wilmington Savings to William L. Brown, Lot 22 Blk H D.W. Sykes Prop.-T/S, $101,610.

Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr. to Christopher Sheppard, Lots 4 and 5 Blk G Riverview-T/S, $85,000.

Sharon Neely Etherton to Sharon Neely Etherton, 2 parcels Virginia Ave.-T/W, $0.

Calvin R. Riddick to Calvin Jeffrey Riddick, 1.97 acres Par B1 Penotha Drive-H/D, $0.

Michael Keith Hearn Tr. to Ray Parker, Lot 5 Bay Harbor-N/D, $0.

Anthony M. McGrath, Lot 38 Sec 13 Red Point Heights-T/S, $0.

Oliver Love Jr. to Oliver Love Jr., Lot 62 Lawne’s Point on the James-H/D, $0.

Jeffrey L. Butler to Frances Joy Butler, 1.353 acres Par A Carr Estate-W/D, $0.

Ethel Taylor Tr. to Michael D. Luter Tr., 19 acres Olive Branch Baptist-H/D, $230,000.

NVR Inc. to Jeffrey D. Martin, Lot 77 Ph 2B Benn’s Grant, $353,012.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Shari Andersen, Lot 3 Springfield Downs, $210,000.

Robert O. McDonald to Jason V. Weaver, Parcel L.H. Callis P Prop-H/D Zuni Village, $130,000.

Timothy Neal Jr. to Timothy Neal Jr., Lot 91 Sec 3B Waterford Oaks, $0.

Gillie R. Privette Tr. to Brandon R. Privette, 1.0084 acres Lot 1 Lankford Lane, $0.

Bishop T. Fuller III to Chelsea Waggoner, Lot 37 Ph 1 Wellington Park-T/S, $389,900.

RPW Properties LLC to Shirley A. Weeks, 10.19 acres Par C Isle of Wight Industrial-N/D, $300,000.

NVR Inc. to Bhusan Ulak, Lot 78 Ph 2B Benn’s Grant, $303,205.

Commonwealth Asset to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Inst. 13-3507, $148,349.

Gail Karen Davis to Justin Robert Hall, 5.34 acres Lot 8 Marl Homes Inc.-N/D, $0.

Bettye L. Slaughter to Specbld LLC, 1.64 acres Haywood W. Bostic Estate-W/D, $20,000.

Joanne K. Berry to Steven E. Lynn, Par B Family Transfer-H/D, $255,000.

Shirley A. Hatchett to Dawn M. Minter, Lot 11 Walnut Ridge Farm-H/D, $332,500.

Timothy M. McClellan to Ivy D. Lee, Lot 79 Ph 1 Founders Pointe-N/D, $485,000.

Nationstar Mortgage to Thomas Franklin, Parcels A B and C Rowland-N/D, $11,450.

Eileen Bowser to Eileen Bowser, 5369 Heritage Lane-H/D, $0.

Samuel I. White P.C. Tr. to Wells Fargo Bank NA, Inst. 10-1881, $79,000.

John J. Wandling to Max C. Moorehead, Unit 90 Ph 19 Woodbridge, $245,000.

Richard W. Keith to Ryan S. Gray, Parcel Todd Ave. Battery Park-N/D, $210,000.

John Alden Lamb to John Alden Lamb, Tr 100 Sec 4 Smithfield Properties-T/S, $0.

Craig L. Castleberry to Camille Leigh Castleberry, 1.3271 acres Rt 626 Huskey Prop-H/D, $0.

Paul Pollard to Danny Ray Pollard, 2.015 acres Lot A Romig Family Prop-H/D, $0.

Jimmie M. Ruffin to CMH Homes Inc., Parcel adj J.W. Roberts Prop-T/W, $30,000.

CMH Homes Inc. to Jimmie M. Ruffin, Parcel Railroad Ave.-T/W, $0.

Annette Binns to CMH Homes Inc., Parcel Rt 636 adj Ruffin-T/W, $0.

Steven P. Frank Exor. To Steven P. Frank, Parcel Rt 10 and 32 Powell and 0.91 acres Par B Frank, $0.

Stephen C. Chaudoin to William D. Andrew, Lot 14 Sec 1C Gatling Pointe South, $348,000.

A. Thomas Holdings LLC to Samantha L. Clark, 0.4878 acres Par A Minor Subdivision-N/D, $299,900.

Robert B. Hill Sub Tr. to Joseph A. Faltz III, DB 385-91, $101,300.

Daryll A. Lawrence to Daryll A. Lawrence, Lot 192 Tr 2 Ph 5B Eagle Harbor, $0.

Nicholas B. Lowery to Charles J. Caton Jr., Lot 1 Sec 8 Carl Beale Prop and add Prop, $209,000.

Rodney A. Fabio III to Bytron L. Sneed, Lot 264 Tr 2 Ph 5B Eagle Harbor-N/D, $336,300.

Craig R. Alexander to Sean T. Crane, Lot 118 Sec 4 Waterford Oaks-T/S, $305,000.

Jonathan L. Chadwick to Daniel Ray Sayre Jr., Lot 260 Ph 6 Tr 2 Eagle Harbor, $345,000.

Michael A. Heredia to Kristal N. Heredia, Lot 56 Ph 1B Gatling Pointe South, $0.

Commonwealth Trustee to Legal Title Trust II, Inst. 05-8740, $235,000.

EWHR Properties LLC to Richard W. Roberts, Lot 125 Ph 2 Sec 2A Founders Pointe-N/D, $175,000.

Brandon R. Privette to Dylan Keith Whitmore, 2.253 acres Par 36 1 Achten Family Prop-N/D, $167,000.

Lawrence R. Fabits to Kyle N. Moss, Tr 9 Mill Creek Farm-H/D, $326,850.

Tract 3 LLC, Unit Dr Bldg 300 Ph 21 Bridgewater, $155,000.

Mark A. Renfro to Charles B. Mack, 0.92 acres Par A Teresa E. Simpson-H/D, $105,000.

Melvin L. Joyner to Clyde Gray Jr., ½ acre Cedar Hill-T/S, $0.

Robert D. Baer to Peter J. Newcomb, Lot 3 Blk B The Laurels-N/D, $301,200.

Archer L. Jones II to William C. Sawyer Sr., 1,936 acres Addition-N/D, $51,916.

NVR Inc. to Joseph Frakes, Lot 48 Ph 1A Benn’s Grant, $374,990.

Joseph T. Dandria to Paul S. Porter, Par 1 P.T. Felts Prop-T/S, $149,000.

Leander M. Wheelehan to Michael Kevin Crayton, Lot 24 Quail Meadows-N/D, $458,000.

NVR Inc. to Lloyd G. Taylor, Lot 30 Ph 3B Benn’s Grant, $331,855.

Joshua L. Bunch to Geoffrey J. Stanton, Lot Joshua L. Bunch-T/S, $139,921.50.

EW Benn’s Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lot 40 Ph 3B Benn’s Grant, $90,980.

William T. Walker to William T. Walker Tr., Lot 28 Mariner’s Pointe-N/D, $0.

Deutsche Bank National to Catherine Giles, Lot 58 Sec 3 Smithfield Heights-N/D, $85,609.

Cabco Properties LLC to Brian H. White Tr., Boundary addition, $1.

Donnie L. Marks Sr. to James O. Blocker, Lot 115 Tr 1 Ph 5 Eagle Harbor-N/D, $385,000.

Glen A. Day Jr. to Ira William Kane Jones, Lot 29 Sec 1 Deer Run-N/D, $300,000.

Bronco Federal Credit Union to Colby R. Bradshaw, 10.066 acres adj Railroad Prop, $330,000.

Terry Lee Edmonds to Shawn D. Bennett, 10.221 acres Brazwell Rd-N/D, $61,200.

LCCP Investment LLC to Verde Development Inc., 14.92 acres Lakeview Cove Lse, $1,000,000.

Jack Monroe Jones to Barbara J. Hunter Tr., 113.9 acres Rt 681 P.T. Epps Tract-H/D, $0.

Richard A. Flanary to Kirsten H. Cook, Lot 10 and Pt Lot 11 Sec 2 Carl Beale Prop-T/S, $285,000.

Jennifer Winn Griffin to Roger Mumford II, Inst. 16-3575, $0.

Kimberly L. Davenport to Joshua Benton Ayer, Lot 5 Blk A Grimesland-T/S, $203,000.

Linda E. White to Linda E. White Tr., Bldg 9 Unit 1 Ph 7 Villas of Smithfield-T/S, $0.

NVR Inc. to James W. Dorwart, Lot 26 Ph 1A Benn’s Grant, $410,620.

Calvin R. Riddick to Calvin Jeffrey Riddick, 1.97 acres Par B1 Penotha Drive-H/D, $0.