Parting words

Published 9:25 am Friday, December 22, 2017

by Rex Alphin

It has been an extraordinary journey.

Six years ago I went from a world of peanuts, cotton, corn and cattle, a world of dust and dirt, of azure skies and sunsets, to a world of suits and ties and Roberts Rules of Order; a world of deadlines, ribbon cuttings, phone calls and emails; a world of human resources and budgetary line items; of public safety, public education and emergency services. 

It has been a world of agonizing over decisions, often long past the sound of the closing gavel.

But most especially, and most richly and most rewardingly, this has been a world of relationships. From former board members, county staff, county administrators, department heads, constitutional officers, volunteers, citizens from Carrsville to Carrollton, Zuni to Rushmere; mayors and chairs throughout Hampton Roads, I have had the privilege of interacting, debating, arguing, agreeing with, speaking before and listening to such an array of human beings that would never have been possible apart from this role. For that, I shall ever be indebted to you all.

I readily admit my shortcomings over these past years. I often spoke when the situation would have been better served keeping silent, and conversely kept silent when the spoken word was needed. I have not always cast the right vote. For these indiscretions, and many more, I ask your forgiveness.

To my fellow board members, what a joy. We have enjoyed a working relationship not commonly found among boards. You are each uniquely gifted. I am fully confident the decisions you make going forward, as Mr. [Don G.] Rosie joins you, will serve our citizens well.

I believe Isle of Wight stands in a great position and is on an excellent trajectory. This county has much to offer with unbounded potential. I encourage you all to take advantage of what we have. By that I mean to pursue, in the particular arena God has placed you, what is good and true and beautiful. We are all called to foster human flourishing wherever it may be found and to create such richness of life that draws individuals into that for which we were made.

Thank you for all you’ve given me.

REX ALPHIN of Walters is a farmer, businessman, author and county supervisor. His email address is