Santa knows where the Sprouls live

Published 12:46 pm Saturday, December 16, 2017

Between Walters and Windsor are numerous houses decorated for Christmas. But few, if any, outshine the enthusiasm found at the home of Don and Lynda Sproul. Going on 21 years this month, the couple and their children have been letting all passersby know of their love for the holiday … and the Steelers (Go Steelers!) His devotion to the team is such that he regularly holds season tickets.

Decorating the interior is Lynda Sproul’s domain. This tree is set up to revolve so the family and visitors can see all the ornaments.

“I started out putting stuff on the roof and front porch,” said Don, who handles the outside decorations. Lynda and children — Angela, Christopher and Stephanie — take care of the interior, which in itself is fascinating, especially the Christmas tree that revolves. That way you can see all the decorations. Hm. Why aren’t more trees done that way?

Back outside, the lights have reached a new level. This year Don added jewel-toned ruby, emerald, topaz and sapphire colors to highlight trees along the driveway to the home.

Work on the exterior begins a week or two before Thanksgiving, and takes about three to four days to set up. Over the years, he’s learned the steps and shortcuts to make the process far less of a chore. All the strings of lights are labeled.

“I know exactly where everything goes,” said Don, who acknowledged that there has been a time when all the lights winked out. Apparently C9 bulbs take a toll on the power.

“Everything is going LED,” he added about the improvements. Though, if desired, some of the incandescent bulbs can still be found.

See all of it for yourself on Route 258.

You can’t miss it.