A giving spirit lives in our youth

Published 12:15 pm Saturday, December 16, 2017

You might recall our reporting in November on the Pallone children of Franklin —  Tyler, Leyla, Madison G., Madison A., McKayla and Hayleigh. They participated in a project to provide water, food and even toiletries to homeless people in downtown Richmond this past summer. The parents, Robert and Joy, wanted to teach their children a lesson in compassion — that not everyone is as fortunate as they. So, the aforementioned deed was done. This lesson was evidently so successful it inspired the youngsters to next ask for donations to buy hot meals for other homeless individuals. Coats, gloves, hats and scarves were also collected mid-month.

Recently, the children got a large donation of $1,000 from an anonymous donor on top of what was already contributed. The Pallones are going out this Wednesday to hand out chili, hot cocoa and the warm clothing in Norfolk

Then, more recently, a senior at Southampton High School — Faith Tennesssee — noticed at the bus stops that many fellow students didn’t have warm jackets for the cold mornings. So she reached into her closet and out to other people in her community for coats they could easily spare. All in all, Tennessee was able to hand out 45 new and slightly used jackets.

Again, we are moved commend the Pallone family for their generous deeds,. Likewise, Miss Tennessee also serves as an example to other students and adults.

We are confident the youth will continue to express their compassion through similar actions in the new year and, of course, for the rest of their lives.