Warming hearts this season

Published 10:32 am Wednesday, December 13, 2017

It’s a shame that nature didn’t cooperate with earlier forecasts for this past weekend. The hope was that the weather wouldn’t be so cold and wet as to cancel the holiday parades scheduled for Saturday and Sunday in Franklin and Courtland, respectively.

But, cold and wet is what we got. Is it just us, or did Friday and Saturday seem to be two of the most miserable days in memory?

Thoughtfully, the organizers of both events saw that no one could ever comfortably or safely endure such conditions for the sake of a parade, and promptly put out the cancellation notice.

We understand that re-scheduling was not an option this year, so we also encourage organizers to seriously consider having alternate dates next year if at all feasible.

Boykins was fortunate that the skies cleared in time on Sunday, and got to enjoy welcoming in the holiday season with its own procession.

Thanks also to all who organized and participated. A chilly time, to be sure, but it a sight to warm hearts of all.