Ag districts get board’s OK

Published 12:23 pm Friday, December 1, 2017

Four applications for inclusion in the Voluntary Agriculture and Forestry District were unanimously approved by the Southampton County Board of Supervisors earlier this week. They were presented during the public hearings portion of the meeting. The Planning Commission had already given its recommendation to these during its Oct. 12 session.

Such districts are intended to preserve farmland and forests for future generations.

The first, made by Sarah Day and William Day, is for 339.26 acres on the east side of Porter House Road (Route 712) south of Cabin Pond Road (Route 702), all in the Boykins voting and magisterial districts. This, like the following, will be up for review before Sept. 14, 2027.

The second application, made by William Day on behalf of Sarah Day, has 476 acres on the west side of Crumpler Road (Route 618) south of Old Blackwater Road (Route 621,) and are in the Berlin-Ivor voting and magisterial districts.

The third has been made by William Day, Carey’s  Bridge LLC and Ira T. Barham, owners. The property contains 1,617 acres and situated between Popes Station Roads (Route 609) and Carys Bridge Road (Route 653) between Raccoon Creek Drive and Indian Town Road (Route 651), and located in the Capron voting and magisterial districts.

Finally, Ira Barham and Williams made an application for a district containing approximately 626.05 acres in the area of Indian Town Road (Route 651,) Old Belfield Road (Route 652,) Carys Bridge Road (Route 653) and Rawlings Road (Route 654.) This is also in the Capron voting and magisterial districts.

Also up for public comment was the ordinance to set Feb. 15, 2018 as the date by which applications must be made by property owners or lessees to the board of equalization for relief. The ordinance also sets March 30 at the deadline by which all applications must be finally disposed by the board.

The supervisors also approved this measure.