Razing properties is not the answer

Published 10:45 am Monday, November 27, 2017

As a homeowner and taxpayer in the City of Franklin, I must express my deep concern for the historic neighborhood in which my home is located. The idea that the city wants to persuade homeowners across the city that demolition of derelict properties is necessary for the improvement of the city is completely and utterly absurd.

Many houses in the area have been vacant for as long as I have lived here with no real efforts made or put forth by the city to encourage revitalization. The new legislation they want to pass to destroy the neighborhood will be a travesty to the tax base and will take everyone’s property values within the city limits down with it.

What really concerns me is the fact that other options exist that will return life and vitality to the city and a create a stronger, healthier economic base that will greatly impact and reduce our tax rates, leaving a long-lasting positive affect for many of years to come. Much better than the disposable/upgrade model being presented.

Razing properties is not the answer. This leads to rapid decline of the tax base, scares away new economic development and potential residents; hurts our school system, the pockets of our city’s employees, and local business owner’s; raises the crime rate; basically discouraging positive improvements that will lead to a better, healthier, and stronger economy. Everything and anything that receives money from and is connected to our tax base will be affected.

It’s time for our new mayor to take a look at all of the facts on both sides and reevaluate this costly decision before it’s too late.

Jennifer Bernocco