Vigil reminds us to look out for one another

Published 11:54 am Saturday, November 18, 2017

The candlelight vigil in memory of Tanisha Freeman was a moving gesture of remembrance. The Courtland resident was brutally murdered a year ago this Tuesday. The suspect was not a stranger, but someone very well known to her: the father of their children.

The program was also a call to let people know that if they are being abused by someone, that there are resources to get help — to escape the violence. For those gathered, they were also urged that if they know of someone who’s trapped in an abusive relationship, to let them know there are people who care and can give aid. Most notably that resource is the Genieve Shelter, which organized the vigil. The staff offers a sanctuary for abused spouses and children.

We want to stress that no blame has been pointed at or even inferred about those who knew Tanisha. Her death was a surprise and shock to all, and a strong reminder that we need to look after one another.