Small Business Saturday

Published 9:53 am Wednesday, November 15, 2017

by Amanda Jarrat

I have always heard the adage the older you get the faster time flies by… For me, this past year has proven the saying true. As I sat down to work on this column to promote Small Business Saturday, I realized how quickly this year has passed by. While I am sure some of you have already compiled a Christmas list, I am scrambling to put the ideas on paper and get in gear for this holiday season. What fuels my personal holiday excitement is the announcement that we have over 20 businesses signed up to participate in Small Business Saturday on November 25th.  These small businesses are the life blood of our community and depend on our patronage to be successful and continue to contribute to our local economy.

Black Friday is a prime example of big box retailers having the upper hand. They are able to, slash prices and take steep discounts, hardly affecting their bottom line. Our local small businesses don’t follow the same business model as these well-known retail chains. This is the very reason the economic development office acts as the “Neighborhood Champion” for Small Business Saturday and promotes the event each year. We believe in supporting our local small businesses and are asking you to do the same this holiday season, especially on Small Business Saturday. 

Small businesses across the country, especially in Franklin Southampton, are run by our friends, family, and neighbors. Supporting them is personal and necessary for their success and survival in our community. If you haven’t taken a moment to patronize some of our local retailers recently quite a surprise is in store for you. Many of our beloved stores offer new and unique product lines that will make gift giving extra special this year. While it may be easy to pick up your phone and order from Amazon (or insert your favorite big box retailer) your efforts to shop local truly changes our economy and strengthens our community as a whole. As you are compiling your final Christmas shopping lists be sure to take a moment to check that list twice and see what can be purchased from one of our local small businesses in Franklin or across Southampton County. They are depending on our support.

As an extra incentive this year our office will have a “Welcome Station” on the corner of Second Avenue and Main Street near Wells Fargo that morning with special treats. Look for the balloons and be sure to stop by. I will be shopping local on Nov. 25 and hope that you will be too. #ShopLocal #ShopSmallFS

AMANDA JARRAT is the president and CEO of the Franklin Southampton Economic Development Inc. Contact her at 562-1958.