Western Tidewater supports Emily Brewer for 64th

Published 10:31 am Friday, November 10, 2017

Republican Emily M. Brewer was the clear winner for the seat in the 64th District House of Delegates. Following the required canvassing of registrars the day after Tuesday’s election, the Virginia State Board of Elections officially reported the Suffolk resident had received 19,219 votes (62.41 percent) over Rebecca S. Colaw’s 11,549 (37.51 percent.) Incidentally, there were also 25 write-in votes (0.08 percent.)

The Suffolk News-Herald reported that Brewer was eager to get started.

“I am excited and ready to serve the people of the 64th,” she said by phone late Tuesday. “I am looking forward to being their listening ear and working hard for constituents in the district.”

Colaw, also of Suffolk, reportedly said she was grateful for the support she received, but hoped a Supreme Court ruling on gerrymandered districts is made soon.

“I want to thank all the people that voted for me,” she said. “I’m very grateful for all the support I received in this campaign. I’m very hopeful the Supreme Court rules on gerrymandered districts … so that they don’t disenfranchise individuals that are power-packed into certain districts.”

On her Facebook page, Colaw wrote, “I want to personally thank all those who voted for me. I have had the pleasure to meet many of you and I am forever changed by this experience. We must keep up the fight and continue to grow our grassroots efforts and fight for what is right. Bless all of you. Remain active. Let’s not be silent any more.”

Franklin gave Brewer 888 votes (62.45 percent) over Colaw at 534 (37.55 percent.) Each had gotten one provisional vote. Precincts 1-1 and 2-1 also favored the Republican at 411 and 189, respectively; Precinct 6-1 was quite close at 224 to 221.

Areas where Southampton County residents could vote for the 64th candidates also strongly supported the Republican at 1,731 votes (71.77 percent) over Colaw’s 679 (28.15 percent.)

Lynn Burgess, the county registrar, said that everything had gone well that day. In Sedley, Brewer received 228 votes (85.71 percent) to Colaw’s 38 (14.29 percent;) in Hunterdale, 545 (72.76 percent) to 203 (27.10 percent,) respectively; 85 (75.58 percent) to 26 (23.42 percent,) respectively; in Ivor, 369 (61.81 percent) to 227 (38.02,) respectively; and in Berlin, 357 (82.07 percent) to 78 (17.93 percent.)

Overall, Isle of Wight gave Brewer 8,369 votes (60.95 percent) versus Colaw’s 5,349 (38.96 percent.) There were 13 write-in votes (0.09 percent.) More specifically in Windsor, Brewer received 644 votes (68.44 percent) to Colaw’s 296 votes (31.46 percent;) in Walters, Brewer had 411 (75.41 percent) to Colaw’s 134 (24.59 percent;) in Courthouse, Brewer had 358 (73.66 percent) to Colaw’s 128 (26.34 percent;) in Carrsville, Brewer had 178 (65.20 percent) to Colaw’s 95 (34.80 percent;) and in Zuni, Brewer with 490 votes (65.20 percent) to Colaw’s 186 (27.51 percent.)

Tracy Agnew, news editor of The Suffolk News-Herald, contributed to this story.