Vote — because you can

Published 12:52 pm Saturday, November 4, 2017

Election Day this week is perhaps as equally important to Western Tidewater as last year’s selection for president. That’s because voters will not only be picking new leadership in Richmond, but also deciding on the fate of the courthouse, which serves both Southampton County and the city of Franklin.

The referendum on the ballot asks voters if they want courthouse operations to be moved to a new location on Camp Parkway, and if so, to authorize the Board of Supervisors to spend $26.5M. The choices are simple: yes or no. A majority of “Yes” votes will launch the process to build a new courthouse. Should most of you say “No,” that means that millions of dollars will be spent to repair or renovate the existing building.

As mentioned earlier, the ballot will ask voters who they want for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general. You also get to choose who will occupy the seat for the House of Delegates 64th District — Republican Emily Brewer or Democrat Rebecca Colaw. That’s representation in Richmond, which we think can have a more immediate and personal effect.

Your vote counts. If you don’t think so, then feel free to surrender that right and let someone else choose for you…think for you…act for you.

If that idea suddenly doesn’t seem so good, then show up at the polls on Tuesday and cast your ballot as you would want it.