Land transfers

Published 10:04 am Friday, November 3, 2017

The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in August.

Margaret Baggett Johnson, Probate will, $0.

Equity Trustees LLC to Finance of America Reverse, Franklin Dist. Inst. #130000314, $109,000.

Bank of New York Mellon FKA to Castlerock 2017 LLC, Branchville Town 15303 Darden Street, $12,300.

Marie Atkins Hedgepeth, Qual. admin on estate, $0.

Benjamin Ashby Pope III to Vera Peterson, Newsoms Dist. Lot 8 Sunbeam Road, $13,500.

Wm. S. Writ Construction Inc. to Bruce W. Hawkins, Southampton County Lot 75 Bethel Farms, $287,560.

Troy Snowden to Thomas E. Golden Jr., Newsoms Dist. 1.427 acres Lot 7 Riverdale Drive, $287,900.

John F. Pittman and Donna Y. Pittman to Donna Y. Pittman, Berlin Ivor Dist. Lot 7 Section A and B 3.16 acres Wakefield Road, $0.

Robert Tucker Petty, Probate will, $0.

Christina Marie Beale to Bronco Federal Credit Union, Trust Inst. #170001164, $300.

Equity Trustees LLC Tr. to J.P. Morgan Chase Bank National, Trust Inst. #150000499, $0.

The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in September.

Alan Richard Childress to Judith M. Bloom, Franklin City 219 Homestead Road, $380,000.

Joann H. Keller to Edward A. Martin, Franklin City Lot 1 Section III Fairview, $180,000.

Jonathan I. Jefferson to Brian D. Grulkowski, Franklin City 0.48 acres, $100,000.

Mae Bette Cross, Probate will appt. exec., $0.

Ella Mae Lewis, Record real estate affidavit, $0.

Glenn E. Dundlow to Jerre W. Olson, 728 Chaucer Court Franklin City, $157,000.

Linwood Roy Drake Jr., Probate will and appoint executors, $0.

John Wayne Gyoker to Nathan S. Litteral, Franklin City Lot 6 Section 4 Quail Ridge, $205,000.

Pennymac Loan Services LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Franklin City 403 South High Street, $10.

Gladys Artis, Appoint admin, $0.

Wakhoo LLC to 506 North Main Street LLC, Franklin City 2 parcels, $155,000.

Everette B. Knight to Denise M. Knight, Franklin City, $0.

Stephen Hamilton Wright, Real estate affidavit, $0.

James C. Wright Jr. to William B. Wright, Franklin City, $40,000.

Terrence H. Knight to Nora Everette, Franklin City Lot 7 Edgewood Terrace, $120,500.

Floyd Stephen Fowler to Stephen M. Lowe, Franklin City Lot 21 Gillette Subdivision Section One, $150,000.

Commonwealth Trustees LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association, Trust Inst. #090000404, $31,000.

FV-1 Inc. to David Gatling, Franklin City Lot 3 Homestead Road, $489,900.

Katherine F. Mason to Jerome G. Unser Sr., Franklin Dist. Lot 16, $50,000.

Equity Trustees LLC to J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, Trust Inst. #140001240, $85,080.

Joe Sam Urquhart, Real estate affidavit 1/3 int. in 303 Roosevelt St. Franklin VA, $0.

Larry W. McComb to Joao Martins, Capron Dist. 5.01 acres Parcel 8, $280,000.

Gurnie L. Blunt Jr. to CAO Investments LLC, Franklin City 309 Roosevelt Street, $23,300.

Jonathan M. Carr to William A. Ensley Sr., Southampton County Parcel C 18.588 acres River Road, $275,000.

Michael Knapp Cox to Robert Louis Gregg, Boykins Town Lots 16 and 17, $110,000.

Southampton Franklin Habitat to Timeka Luciana Murphy, Boykins Town Lot 2, $100,000.

Swann B. Broocke to Matthew W. McMillan, Capron Dist., $164,000.

Karen Latimer Living Trust to Christopher M. Hill, Newsoms Dist. 1.13 acres, $195,000.

SPECBLD LLC to Trina Williams, Berlin Ivor Dist. Lot 9 1 acre, $25,000.

Drew Turk to William T. Kemp, Drewryville Village Tract No. 4, $7,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Pete Twisdale, Boykins Dist. Inst. #170001610, $66,825.

Robert M. McClung to Feldman Newton LLC, Capron Dist., $132,000.

James C. King to Anthony L. Sylvester, Jerusalem Dist. Lot 5 0.919 acres, $249,000.

Betty G. Davis to Lewis H. David Jr., Courtland Town 2 parcels, $0.

Route 686 LLC to Southern Landowners LLC, Newsoms Dist. 2 parcels, $125,000.

Sidney McDowell to Henry Olds, Franklin Dist., $20,000.

Howell Corp to Cedar Lane LLC, Franklin Dist., $200,000.

Floyd Cross Sr., $0.

Beacon Development Corporation to New Stevens Woods Apartments, Courtland Town, $0.

Branch Banking and Trust Company to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Franklin Dist. 33374 Edgehill Derive, $10,620.

Lucille Fox Kelly Gibson, Probate will no appt., $0.

Ruth H. Justice to Ray A. Justice, Drewryville Village, $200,00.

Brandon K. Keeter to Michael B. Lowe, Jerusalem Dist. Lot 13, $255,000.

Traci M. Tatliff to Leon A. Ratliff Jr., Berlin Ivor Dist. Lot 4 Section A Tiara Farms Subdivision, $0.

Wesley L. Cashwell to William G. Rawlings, Newsoms Dist. Riverdale Drive, $214,100.

Austin D. Whitehead to Tilgham J. Phelps Jr., Sedley Village Sycamore Avenue Lot 5 Block 16, $75,000.

Wilbert Williams & Sons Building to Ruben F. Gholston, Newsoms Dist., $0.

Wilbert Williams & Sons Building to Ruben F. Gholston, Franklin Dist., $0.

Shane T. Joyner to Brigitte E. Wendel, Franklin Dist., $206,000.

Kathleen Gookin to John S. Petroskey Jr., berlin Ivor Dist., $23,100.

Betsy P. Brantley to Mildred B. Arrington, Boykins Dist. Plat Book 36 Page 26, $0.

Mildred B. Arrington to William C. Arrington, Boykins Dist., $0.

Laura B. Parker to Helena Parker, Newsoms Dist., $0.

Sherman A. Vincent Jr. to Rodney O. Vincent, Boykins Town Lots 1A and 1B, $20,000.

Luther C. Williams to KMR3 LLC, Capron Dist. Plat Book 36 Page 26, $74,900.

Luther C. Williams to KMR3 LLC, Capron Dist., $0.

Jacqueline N. Peebles to Jacqueline N. Peebles Revocable, Drewryville Dist., $0.

Oberry Associates LLC to Robert E. Old Jr., Franklin Dist., $95,000.

Tammy B. Lowe to W. Gilbert Branche, Jerusalem Dist. 0.787 acres, $0.

Michael B. Lowe to Tammy B. Lowe, Jerusalem Dist., $0.

H&P Beale & Sons Inc. to Dalton C. Prrish, Jeruselem Dist., $20,000.

Mary Vaughan Raiford, Probate of Will no qual., $0.

Bronco Federal Credit Union to Christopher T. Purvis, Jerusalem Dist. Assessed not available due to subdivision, $120,000.

Janice Marie Powers Johnson to Janice Marie Powers, $0.

Cathy G. Pope to Cathy G. Pope, Newsoms Dist., $0.

Sandra J. Fulton Picot to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Franklin City 801 Gardner Street, $94,100.

Hugh Jefferson Coleman Jr., Real estate affidavit TP 91 3 3, $0.

Larry R. Bradshaw to Thomas L. Boze, Jerusalem Dist. Plat Book 36 Page 27, $14,076.92.

Patricia C. Kinlaw to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Ivor, $0.

Jeremy Edsall to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Sedley, $0.

James D. Shiller to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Courtland Town, $0.

Will R. Kitchen Jr. to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Ivor, $0.

Johnathan R. Elliott to Sandra G. Whitlow, Berlin Ivor Dist. Lot 11 5.233 acres Section Three Seacock Estates, $0.

Kenneth Burton Mitchell to Kenneth Burton Mitchell, Drewryville Dist., $0.

Rosa Lee Jenkins to Theodore Jenkins, Drewryville Dist. 1.15 acres, $72,000.

Finance of America Reverse to Blackwater Investment Group, Franklin Dist. 31176 Country Club Road Inst. #170002032, $63,000.

Jason A Dunn Sp. Com. To Blackwater Investment Group, Ivor Town 8469 Bell Avenue CL #17-209, $23,000.

Marvin Gunn Jr. to James K. Simpson II, Franklin Dist. Lot 1, $205,000.

Mary B. Blythe to Virginia Electric and Power Company, $0.

Larry W. McComb to Joao Martins, Capron Dist. 5.01 acres Parcel 8, $280,000.

Garnett A. Cleaton to Michelle T. Cleaton, Jerusalem Dist. Parcel A 1.54 acres, $0.

J.C. Land Ventures LLC to SPECBLD LLC, Jerusalem Dist. 2.241 acres, $0.

Town of Boykins to Janet Gregg Brown, Trust Inst. #120000146, $0.

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank National to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Trust Inst. #170001783, $0.

JSBC Mortgage Services Inc. to DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc., Trust Inst. #060003799, $0.