Renovating current courthouse is more practical

Published 10:00 am Wednesday, November 1, 2017

To the Editor:

Growing up in Southampton County and experiencing the changes of life in this community like many of you, I feel a natural connection with the area, so when there is an issue at hand, it is felt beyond the county’s geographical boundaries.

The concern or issue at hand today is whether or not to move the location of the judicial proceedings of the county.

As we know Southampton County is and has been an agriculturally based community with a sprinkling of industry. The courthouse has been in the same location, as one writer shared, for almost 300 years, providing adequate space for the services required. How is it that times have changed so that practical minds have given sway to up and abandoning this space?

Has the community changed so that it needs an overly large complex to handle its mass of proceedings? Or has the community fell into such wealth that it can afford to fling dollars away and add future debt for unneeded additional bricks and mortar?

No, I do not believe that this expenditure is necessary. As several writers have clearly explained, there are more practical options with renovating the current courthouse to fill the needs of Southampton County today and tomorrow. Vote “No” on Nov. 7.

Jonathan Varnell
Native of Southampton County
Elm City, North Carolina