Key vote in Courtland – Keep the courthouse

Published 10:06 am Wednesday, November 1, 2017

To the Editor:

Virginia is home to Jamestown, Williamsburg, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and many others that have shaped our history. While we value our famous history, what about the various small towns around our state that also contributed to our history but are gradually being reduced to a zip code? Yes, there is the attraction of moving to big cities, but many people enjoy living in the country.

And now, there is an effort underway to move the courthouse from the county seat in Courtland, which will impact the future of Courtland as a town.

The local judges and country administrators want a new, modern, glitzy building that will cost upward of $30M, which taxpayers will need to fund!

The existing courthouse dates back to the early 1800s and while it has been updated over the years, it is not “up to code,” but like most historical buildings, it can be renovated. The cost of upgrading this historical building will not be cheap, but it will ensure that the Courthouse remains in Courtland and that Courtland does not go the way of many small towns in our state.

Please help us by writing to your state and local politicians, and encourage anyone you know in Southampton County to VOTE NO on Nov. 7. We need to preserve our history and keep Courtland as the county seat in our original courthouse! The citizens of Southampton County need your help!

Wynn McDaniel