Isle of Wight has duty to rescue abandoned animals

Published 10:10 am Wednesday, November 1, 2017

To the Editor:

I have been a resident of Isle of Wight County my entire life. It’s a county built on respect, community and appreciation for nature and the land we reside in. I may be partial, but I believe that Isle of Wight is one of the best counties to live in within southeastern Virginia. What saddens me is the fact that three dogs were abandoned on Parson’s Drive where it meets up to Joyner’s Bridge Road.

These dogs were abandoned in Isle of Wight, in my county, but more importantly, in OUR county. We have a duty to these animals and that duty is to rescue and protect them in any way possible. They have now been outside with the temperature dropping into the 30s at night and just this weekend, rain has become an unfortunate obstacle. I am disappointed in my county and it saddens me to admit that. I am saddened because these animals were cowardly abandoned within Isle of Wight and we, as a community, are unable to provide them with enough respect, decency and love to give them a second chance at life.

I want to trust my county, I want to trust individuals within the county, but most importantly I want to give these animals the respect and love they deserve, and so far they are not receiving either from Isle of Wight County.

Cassidy Doiron