City schools looking after all students

Published 10:10 am Wednesday, October 25, 2017

During last Thursday’s city school board meeting, the members agreed to authorize seeking a grant that would ultimately benefit students with disabilities. If received, and we can’t think why Franklin schools would not get it, the money would go toward hiring a person who will monitor such students.

More specifically, the individual would work with special education case managers to ensure those pupil are on track to graduate. The monitor also would, according to the application language, “ensure that all students are college and career ready, and to inform all students of opportunities for accessing financial support for college.”

The board’s action reassures us that the city school system is regularly looking out for all of its pupils, especially those who might require some extra attention. We anticipate reporting later that the money was granted, and that new hire will be more than able to help all students successfully graduate and ready for college or work.