New training benefits everyone

Published 12:34 pm Saturday, October 7, 2017

Thanks to the Southampton County Sheriff’s Office, the new training equipment and methods put in place for law enforcement will help not only deputies and investigators, but also the public they serve.

As we reported earlier this week, a new firing range has been installed near Capron. There’s room for longer distances as well as a new movable target system established. That project, which was completed without any local tax dollars, was realized in no small part by Board of Supervisor Randolph Cook, who serves the Newsoms district. For example, his experience as an engineer for the Virginia Department of Transportation was invaluable in creating the earthen mound needed behind the targets.

The second part, the MILO Range, is an interactive program that allows trainees to learn the proper way to handle weapons such as pistols, tasers and pepper spray.

Further, the recruits and even veteran personnel can react to the 800 available scenarios in a safe and instructive environment. This can translate to better decision-making even under pressure and potentially avoid tragedies.

We hasten to add that area law enforcement does not have any issues of having used force like so many others in the country. They deserve tons of credit for already having the training to use judicious thinking and restraint.

Not incidentally, that program also was obtained without local tax dollars. Instead, the generosity of the Camp Family Foundation made it possible.