Partnerships uplift our community

Published 10:53 am Friday, October 6, 2017

If you’re troubled by what’s been going on in the world lately. Look homeward to find hope and inspiration. The new playground constructed on Thursday at Armory Park is a perfect example of businesses, government and individuals working in concert to build up the city.

Too often, corporations are incorrectly viewed as only being concerned about profits.

But the Franklin Mill of International Paper, as well as Dominion Energy, are area examples that prove how wrong that thinking can be.

Rather than give themselves a party to celebrate their fifth anniversary back in Western Tidewater, the IP employees decided to create a project that expresses their gratitude for being able to serve the region and beyond.

Sponsorship from the foundations for IP, Dominion and Obici HealthCare, as well as Franklin-Southampton Charities and other private contributors, have helped make the idea a reality.

They were not alone, for help came from the City of Franklin, kaBOOM! and the scores of volunteers who invested themselves in creating the facility.

We hope all this will serve as an inspiration for other businesses — large and small — to invest themselves more deeply by working with community members to find ways that can enhance Western Tidewater. Those ideas need not be as grand as a new playground, but can be as simple as supporting a service organization.

Although the park is a thank-you gift from IP and partners, it’s the children and adults who will be grateful for such generosity.