Money for golf course could be better spent

Published 10:56 am Friday, October 6, 2017

To the Editor:

After attending the September Southampton County Board of Supervisors meeting and after reading  two editorials by Tony Clark, publisher of The Tidewater News, I am convinced that the board of supervisors and Mr. Clark have not done a lot of research into the economic situation of the Cypress Cove Country Club.

How long has the country club been in debt? How much is the debt? How many members do they have who are residents of Southampton County? How is the board of directors of the country club planning to pay back this debt even after they (heaven forbid) get this $30,000 from city and county alike? If the club is sold to an investor, will the county and city be in line to receive this money back?

In other words, will the county and city have a note stating that they will receive this money back with interest or is this just a plain gift?

A private club is just that, private, and its membership is supposed to pay for the operation of the club.  If the club cannot pay its way, sell it to an investor.

Mr. Clark has stated twice that the club is an asset and should be saved, but he is not a member. Why are you not a member? The only local paper in town and its publisher is not a member. Must not be such a valuable asset to businesses in the city.

Mr. Ronnie West, representative from Ivor, stated for selfish reasons he wanted the club to stay open.  He also stated he was not a member.

He also stated, “Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free.” In other words, if the county spends $30,000 for a membership, he can go and pay just the green fees to play golf. If the club is such an asset to the county why is only one supervisor a member of the club?

Southampton County has a population of 18,242 according to the 2016 census. Southampton County also has 6,105 people on welfare or some form of public assistance, which is one third of the population. Is that an important figure in this equation? I would certainly think so.

If the county has $30,000 to give away, it should divide the $30,000 in seven equal shares and give each district $4,285.72 to help support the ball fields in the county so each district can get an equal share and see something from tax dollars

Board members, make a wise decision. Give this money back to the seven districts to be used for the majority and not the minority. As Dr. Alan Edwards, Courtland district representative, stated at the meeting, he could not vote to give this money to the club since his voters were opposed to it. Mr. Cook, Newsoms representative, also told me that everyone from his district who had spoken to him or called him were opposed to same.

I hope each supervisor will not look to their own selfish interests, but to the interest of the citizens and taxpayers of their district in Southampton County.

I think the country club should get out and have a membership drive. Mr. Clark and Mr. West should be at the top of your list of potential new members.

Linda N. Vick
Newsoms district