Lady Indians growing together in field hockey

Published 10:51 am Wednesday, October 4, 2017

So far the season for the Southampton High School field hockey team has been “a little rough,” according to the coach, Alfred Charity. As yet, the Lady Indians not been able to win any games. “But they’re hanging in there,” he said.

There are three seniors, but a lot of the other players are young in both age and also experience.

“A lot of the girls had never played before,” Charity said. “All of them go out to play hard and, hopefully, come out on top.”

The Lady Indians get another opportunity today when they travel to Nansemond-Suffolk Academy and go toe-to-toe against the Lady Saints. They’re a team with which the veterans players are already well familiar. Even Charity acknowledged the opponents are “pretty good” when it comes to the game.

Looking out at the field where the girls are practicing, he points out a few of his players, such as Diamond Jones, who last year worked defense and this time is in a forward position. Taylor Bradshaw he has situated as a defender.

Speaking of which, the junior said she enjoys field hockey as “a sport where you can have fun. You make it competitive.”

Kassandra DeJesus, a freshman, said she got into the sport because her mother recommended she try out for it.

So far DeJesus has been enjoying field hockey, and has discovered that playing defense is a natural strength for her.

Alexandra Marston, now in her third season, said that she and other girls are “growing together as as team.”