National designation could be a plus

Published 12:45 pm Saturday, September 16, 2017

As was made clear at Tuesday’s meeting, Courtland certainly has enough history that qualifies it for being designated a national historic district. The courthouse alone is evidence enough. But let’s not forget the Rosenwald School. In fact, the town has been eligible for 17 years, but nothing had ever been acted on in the matter. This was confirmed that evening by Elizabeth H. Lipford, a representative of the Department of Historic Resources from Richmond.

For residents interested in solidifying Courtland’s place in a national listing, the opportunity has again arisen. It’s one that we hope the townspeople will at least seriously consider.

Researching and cataloguing the buildings and architecture will certainly take time and some money, but nothing comes for free.

True, there’s no great cash prize at the end, but it’s a significantly honorary placement that can show everyone the level of pride the residents take in their town — and rightly so.