Looking back: Dr. Musgrave lands in France

Published 12:46 pm Saturday, September 16, 2017

[Editor’s note: This was inadvertently omitted from Friday’s edition.]

by Clyde Parker

Sept. 15, 1917

Friends in the county received cablegrams on Wednesday from Dr. G.H. Musgrave of Boykins, stating that he had landed in France, safe and well. Dr. Musgrave is a son of Mr. and Mrs. R.N. Musgrave of Drewryville and, until recently, was a popular physician in Boykins.

He volunteered for service, and was accepted, in the U.S. Army Medical Corps soon after the United States declared war on Germany. He entered with the rank of First Lieutenant.

His many friends in Southampton will be interested to know of his safe arrival and wish that he may be rewarded for his patriotism by an opportunity for service to the American “Sammies” in France and a safe return to his native county.

General Vaughan named national Army officer

Brigadier General C. C. Vaughan, Commanding Officer of the Virginia Militia, has been nominated by President Woodrow Wilson to be a Brigadier General in the newly reorganized U.S. Army. General Vaughan was recommended by Governor H.C. Stuart of Virginia. His nomination means that he will be in command of the Virginia troops in the Federal Army. It is a matter of general satisfaction to the many friends of our distinguished townsman that his worth to the service and his unflagging interest in the military preparedness of our State and Nation are to be so highly rewarded.

Southampton men enter U.S. Army

At the direction of the Southampton County Selective Service Board, the following young men, comprising five percent of Southampton’s total quota to the National U.S. Army, left the County Seat Wednesday afternoon for Camp Lee in Petersburg: Robert O. Hayes, Franklin; Harry Lee Bain, Capron; Theodore W. Kitchen, Ivor; R.E. Futrell, Franklin; John Thomas Mumford, Manry; Roy T. Edwards, Branchville; and George Garner, Ivor.

The following gentlemen gave cheerfully of their labor and professional services in helping the Board with examinations: Dr. E.A. de Bordenave, Franklin; Dr. W.B. Barham, Newsoms; Dr. E.B. Kilby, Sebrell; Dr. W.T. McLemore, Courtland; and Dr. J.M. Bland, Boykins. Assisting were: E.F. White, C.W. Parker, W.J. Manry, and the Rev. L.F. Paulette.

Franklin men commissioned

The three young men of Franklin, who, earlier this year, entered the officers training camp at Fort Myer, have acquitted themselves splendidly and have been awarded commissions in the U.S. Army.  Vaughan Camp, Barclay Pretlow and Clifford Cutchins, have all been successful in the War Department’s examinations.

Vaughan Camp, son of Mrs. Cora Vaughan Camp and the late Robert J. Camp who died in 1915, received a commission as a First Lieutenant in the regular U.S. Army. A nephew of Brigadier General Cecil C. Vaughan Jr., Camp is a graduate of Virginia Military Institute and University of Virginia.  Formerly, in the Virginia Militia, he was Captain of Franklin’s Company “I.”

Barclay Pretlow, a young Franklin attorney, is son of Mrs. Sue E. Pretlow and the late John Pretlow.  He received a Second Lieutenant commission, although his training at Fort Meyer this summer was his first military work. Lt. Pretlow is a graduate of the University of Virginia.

Clifford A. Cutchins Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Cutchins, also received a Second Lieutenant commission. Lt. Cutchins is a graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and was an instructor at Blacksburg last session.

Among OTHER Franklin boys who are giving a good account of themselves in service for Uncle Sam:

Roy R. Knight, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Knight, recently passed the regulation examination for a captaincy and will continue in command of Company “I,” our own local company, in which the hopes and best wishes of so many Franklin people, and this section, abound. Captain Knight, studied at Virginia Military Institute and is a graduate of Atlanta Business College.

First Lieutenant Cecil C. Vaughan III of Company “I” is making a good record in the service and is very popular with his men. He was in charge of the recruiting squad here at the Fourth Avenue Armory Hall during the summer and comes by his taste for military life naturally, being a son of General C. C. Vaughan. He is a graduate of Virginia Military Institute.

First Lieutenant Franklin Edwards, who left Franklin with Company “I” in April has been promoted to Major Henry Johnson’s staff in the Fourth Regiment with the rank of First Lieutenant. Lt. Edwards is a graduate of Wake Forest College and studied for two years at Johns Hopkins University. His father, Colonel L.R. Edwards, is a veteran of the Civil War and the Spanish-American War and is one of the most gallant and patriotic of men.

The people of Franklin expect and believe, that these young gentlemen will give their country their very best and that they will add fresh laurels to the honorable records of their ancestors.

CLYDE PARKER is a retired human resources manager for the former Franklin Equipment Co. and a member of the Southampton County Historical Society. His email address is magnolia101@charter.net