Crime reports

Published 12:56 pm Saturday, September 16, 2017

Franklin Police Department


Angela Ricks, 40, capias

Devin Howell, 29, grand larceny

Nicole Washington, 32, shoplifting

Margaret Ricks, 52, shoplifting

Danielle Ricks, 33, shoplifting

Arnold Reives, 37, capias

Carzette Perry, 34, assault and battery

De’Kwate Lankford, 24, breaking and entering, conspiracy to break and enter, destruction of property

Keivate Lankford, 23, breaking and entering, conspiracy to break and enter, destruction of property

Dennis Davenport, 27, assault and battery, strangle another

Tyrone Smith Jr., 37, capias

Charmaine Brooks, 22, false police report

Melissa Worell, 34, suspended drivers license

Tonya Sherrill, 53, 3rd offense petit larceny, trespassing

Dashawn Lassiter, 24, grand larceny, unauthorized use, drunk in public

Devonta Hayslett, 25, assault and battery

Randolph Drake, 47, drunk in public

Quamaine Boone, 21, assault and battery

Joseph Thompson, 20, assault and battery, destruction of property

Aaron Clark, 32, assault and battery

Dario Winborne, 27, 2 counts robbery, wear mask to conceal identity

Shuntae Person, 29, assault and battery, unauthorized use, flee from law enforcement, suspended drivers license


Southampton County Sheriff’s Office incident incidents



EMS call – illness, East St., Boykins

Drug possession, Southampton Pkwy., Courtland

Mental subject, General Mahone Blvd., Ivor

Disturbance, Pinopolis Road, Capron

Fire – brush or woods, General Thomas Highway, Newsoms

Animal control info – AC

Alarm – general, Shands Drive, Courtland

Domestic – verbal only, Johnsons Mill Road, Sedley

Fraud or scam, Garris Mill Road, Boykins

Road hazard, Southampton Pkwy., Courtland

Animal control info – AC

MVA – no injuries, White Meadow Road, Boykins

EMS call – illness, Delaware Road, Franklin

Hit and run, Meherrin Road, Boykins

Larceny from residence, Sykes Drive, Drewryville

EMS call – illness, Beaton Ave., Boykins

Disturbance, Old Joyner Lane, Capron

Disabled vehicle, Southampton Pkwy., Franklin

MVA – no injuries, General Thomas Highway, Newsoms

Miscellaneous, Carys Bridge Road

Stolen property, Ivor Road, Sedley

Animal control info – AC, Woodland Road, Franklin

Miscellaneous, Southampton Pkwy., Courtland

EMS call – illness, Sedley Road, Franklin

MVA – no injuries, Southampton Pkwy., Courtland

Disabled vehicle, Southampton Pkwy., Drewryville

EMS call – illness, Southampton Pkwy., Drewryville

EMS call – illness, Three Bees Road, Newsoms

Miscellaneous, Plank Road, Courtland

EMS call – illness, Thomaston Road, Newsoms

Alarm – general, Ivor Road, Sedley

EMS call – illness, Church St., Ivor

EMS call – fall, Sedley Road, Franklin

Suspicious vehicle, One Mile Road, Zuni

Welfare check, Main St., Ivor

MVA – no injuries, Pine Haven, Courtland

Information only, Southampton Pkwy., Emporia

Road hazard, Medicine Springs Road, Courtland

MVA – no info available, Porter House Road, Boykins

Fraud – credit card or ATM, Garris Mill Road, Boykins

Animal bite – AC, Scottswood Drive, Franklin

Alarm – general, Ivor Road, Courtland

Break and enter – residence, General Mahone Blvd., Ivor

Suspicious person, Tucker Swamp Road, Zuni

Animal – nuisance call – AC

MVA – no injuries, General Thomas Highway, Newsoms

EMS call – possible DOA, R and B Drive, Boykins

EMS call – illness, Hicks Ford Road, Drewryville

Suspicious vehicle, Camp Pkwy., Franklin

EMS call – illness, North Railroad Ave., Boykins

Missing juvenile, High St., Courtland

Loud noise – music, Askew St., Franklin

EMS call – illness, Artis St., Franklin

EMS call – illness, South St., Franklin

Disturbance, High St., Courtland

Suspicious vehicle, Doctors Road, Newsoms

EMS call – illness, Queen St., Boykins

Break and enter – residence, Williams St., Franklin

Suspicious vehicle, South Quay Road, Franklin

Disturbance, Westbrook St., Newsoms

Suspicious person or vehicle, Otter Drive, Courtland

Welfare check, Delaware Road, Franklinw

Harassment, Old Branchville Road, Boykins

Welfare check, Buckhorn Quarter Road, Courtland

Miscellaneous, Thomas St., Franklin

Miscellaneous, Highway 186

Reckless driving, Southampton Pkwy.

EMS call – illness, Darden St., Franklin

Litter or illegal dumping, Country Club Road, Courtland

MVA – with injuries, Black Creek Road, Zuni

Animal – welfare check – AC, Barrow Road, Capron

Animal – nuisance call – AC

EMS call – fall, Oak Trail, Courtland

EMS call – illness, Barrow Road, Capron

MVA – unknown injuries, Southampton Pkwy., Courtland

Alarm – general, Main St., Courtland