Land transfers

Published 11:22 am Friday, September 15, 2017

Isle of Wight County

The following land transfers were recorded in Isle of Wight County Circuit Court for the month of July.

NVR Inc. to Jerry Faltz, Lot 310 Ph 3A Benn’s Grant, $272,460.

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank to Dillon A. Howard, Unit E Bldg 700 Ph 11 Bridgewater, $125,000.

Michael P. Munley to Mark A.R. Renn Jr., Lot 4 Sec 1 Halls Country Estates-H/D, $277,000.

Laurie H. Curtis to Laurie H. Curtis, Lot 18 Tormentor Creek Estates-H/D, $0.

NVR Inc. to Reginald D. Wright Sr., Lot 22 Ph 1A Benn’s Grant, $440,436.

Samuel I. White PC Tr. to Wells Fargo Bank NA, Inst. 13-2390, $170,910.

NVR Inc. to Robert Godiciu, Lot 55 Ph 1A Benn’s Grant, $421,990.

NVR Inc. to James M. Cena, Lot 54 Ph 1A Benn’s Grant, $380,394.

Clayton M. Tweed to Jonathan R. Richardson, Lot 35 Ph 1 Holland Meadows-T/W, $253,500.

Kenneth D. King to Christine N. Richardson, Lot 5 Quail Meadows-N/D, $289,900.

Donald Jeffrey Byrum to Donald Jeffrey Bynum, Lot 3 5.219 acres Donald A. Byrum, $0.

Betty T. Caldwell to Steven J. Anderson, Lot 36A Ph 1 Church Square-T/S, $295,000.

Roger S. Snodgrass Jr. to Gage T. Padden, Lot 17 Sec 11 Carl Beale-T/S, $194,900.

David A. Logan to William Mabakowski, Lot 139 Ph 4 Wellington Park-T/S, $316,000.

Founders Pointe LLC to Maison Builders Inc., Lot 258 Ph 2 Sec 2D5 Founders Pointe-N/D, $94,000.

EW Benn’s Grant LLC to NVR Inc., Lot 42 Ph 3B Benn’s Grant, $99,860.

Stuart M. Lockridge to Marquita Ricks, Lot 28 Tr 2 Ph 7 Eagle Harbor-N/D, $345,000.

Fannie Mae to Michael Currence, Lot 17 Sec 2 Wrenn’s Mill Estates-H/D, $234,500.

Christopher J.N. Sheppard to Matthew R. Griffin, Lot 2 Josephine Hill Hollomon Prop, $167,000.

Jack Foster Jr. to Lizziebeth C. Foster, Lot 167 Jamestown Annex, $0.

Sasser Constructions to Jeffrey L. Lankford, Inst. 17-0917, $0.

Dawnelle L. Johnson to Linda A. Johnson, Lot 3 H.C. Butler-W/D, $0.

NVR Inc. to Antonio D. Ball, Lot 261 Ph 3A Benn’s Grant, $368,561.

Kenneth W. Mahaffey to Davis W. Cartwright, 4.95 acres Pt Louisa Drew Estate Prop-N/D, $0.

Jack E. Roddy to Bill P. Kessler, 14.981 acres Roddy Prop-W/D Colossee Road, $368,465.

Douglas R. Jewell to Alton Ray Jewell, Parcel Rt 658 Lumar-T/S, $0.

Carol A. Johnson to Eva C. Latimer, Lot 47 Sec 2 Wrenn’s Mill Estate-H/D, $238,000.

Sparkmaster 5 Company to S&D Holdings LLC, 3 acres Parcel Carrsville, $0.

Nena Ann Piner to Nena Ann Piner, Lot 67 Windsor Woods-W/D, $0.

Michael T. Szymanski to Jeffrey T. Scott, Lot 7 Blk H Sec 3 Moonefield Estates, $248,000.

Brodie M. Mack Jr. to Chad B. Hyatt, Lot 205 Ph B Scots Landing, $295,000.

Michael J. Ayers to James R. Evans Sr., 3.57 acres Lot A Samuel H. Warren Et Ux Prop, $315,000.

Just Right Homes LLC to Thomas Anthony, Lot 135 Ph 2 Sec 2A Founders Pointe-N/D, $439,900.

N.F. Carr Jr. Tr. to Isle of Wight County Virginia, Roy Rainey Prop Village Zuni-H/D, $17,000.

Nellie M. Spratley to Beverly Spratley, 1.54 acres Spratley Prop-H/D Lse., $0.

Rodney Keith Boone to Ya Sin Stephens, 5.306 acres Andrew B. Boone Prop Carrsville, $0.

Professional Foreclosure to US Bank NA Tr., Inst. 06-7782, $119,200.

NVR Inc. to James Patrick Conklin, Lot 52 Ph 1A Benn’s Grant, $381,508.

Justin R. Hall to Heather R. Hall, Lot 65 Sec 2 Wrenn’s Mill Estates-H/D, $0.

Russ Hohmann Builders to Howard H. Anderson, Lot 307 Ph 3A Founders Pointe-N/D, $559,900.

Zackery Jon Smith to Larry R. Wood, Lot 57 Waterford Oaks, $237,900.

Dale E. Kelley to Helen J. Kelley, Par Rt 460 and Par A Dale Kelley Prop-H/D, $0.

Raymond Conley to Mark C. Carroll, Residue Lot 1 Queijo and Stanton, $320,000.

Ronald J. Ross to Patricia M. Magner, Lot 30 Mariners Pointe-N/D, $295,000.

Larry W. Raiford to Julie R. Sever, Lot 9 Tormentor Creek Estates-H/D, $345,000.

Bryan L. Babb to Todd M. Bryant, 10.38 acres Par B Central Hill-H/D, $680,000.

City of Norfolk to Commissioner of Highways, CL 17-615 Inst. 17-1654 Orbit Road, $0.

Kevin D. Parker to Jaylen Clarke, Lot 13 Sec 1 Smithfield Heights-N/D, $157,900.

James D. McNaney to William R. York Jr., Lot 4 Sec 1 Darden’s Mill-W/D, $325,000.

Gerald E. Laboone to Gerald E. Laboone Tr., 7.25 acres Par A2 Laboone Prop-N/D, $0.

Gerald E. Laboone to Gerald E. Laboone Tr., Interests Lot 1A Smithfield Properties-T/S, $0.

Gerald E. Laboone to Gerald E. Laboone Tr., Int. 2 Pr James River Heights and 25 acres Jones Creek-N/D, $0.

James B. Chapman to His Favor Enterprises Inc., Add Lot 19 and Lot 13 Sykes Prop-T/S, $150,000.

Daniel G. Lane to Shane David Jensen, 13.468 acres Par 1 Avis Estate, $375,000.

Donna W. Reynolds to Rhonda Endrusick, Lot 5 Ph 1 Queen Anne’s Court-N/D, $140,300.

Anthony Ray Elliott to Cheryle H. Elliott, Lot 1A Kenneth G. Edwards Prop-H/D, $0.

Scott T. Sumpter to Melissa S. Babb, Lot 122 Sec 4 Waterford Oaks-T/S, $275,000.

Mary P. Daly to Jevon Donte Cooper, Lot 37 Tr 2 Ph 7 Eagle Harbor-N/D, $336,900.

Secretary of Housing to Bridget M. Sykes, Parcel Carrsville Village-W/D, $70,000.

Lloyd Delaware Joyner to R&S Renovations LLC, Parcel Cary St-T/S, $52,000.

Secretary of Veterans to Ronald S. Jones, Lot 2 Ph 3 Sec 1 Croatan Landing Townhomes, $135,000.

Gary E. Lassiter to Gary E. Lassiter, Lot 3 Ph 2 Ashby-N/D, $0.

G. Paul Gwaltney to John Trenton Bishop, Lot E Everetts Road-N/D, $215,000.

Lud Lorenzo Spivey to AB Home LLC, Lot 6 1.07 acres Bows and Arrows-W/D, $30,000.

Barbara B. Keating Tr. to Justin Henry, Lot 6 Fairview-N/D, $180,000.

NVR Inc. to Dante Lawrence, Lot 75 Ph 2B Benn’s Grant, $354,411.

Betty Stephen Horton to Jacqueline Myrick, Parcel State Hwy 460 Adj A Shadie Roberts, $70,400.

Deborah J. Banks to Joshua S. Stacey, Lot 26 Sec 2 Cannon Acres-N/D, $213,000.

S&D Holdings LLC to Christopher Timmins, Parcel Eugenia Hill Prop, $140,000.

H.K. Nystrom Jr. to David A. Childs, 3 acres J.T. Davis Prop, $30,000.

John C. Glover to Shannon Williams, 2.359 acres Parcel D Glover Family Prop-N/D, $581,903.

NVR Inc. to Jade Howard, Lot 303 Ph 3A Benn’s Grant, $216,975.

Alicia S. Miller to Alicia S. Jones, Unit 74 Ph 26 Woodbridge, $0.

NVR Inc. to Joseph Wyne, Lot 305 Ph 3A Benn’s Grant, $231,640.

Linda Brown to Carol A. Lightner, Bldg 15 Unit 4 Villas of Smithfield-T/S, $229,900.

Shaun Jordan to Katherine Voirol, Unit Br Bldg 2300 Ph 25 Bridgewater, $175,000.

Leonardo Q. Barbosa Jr. to Chandler D. Cobb, Lot 13 Ph 2B Evergreen Acres-T/S, $159,900.

NVR Inc. to Titus Keen, Lot 301 Ph 3A Benn’s Grant, $275,000.

Federal National Mortgage to Robert G. Phillips, Lot 5 S.O. Garner Farm-N/D, $46,000.

Kimberly P. Cross to Markim Farm, 82.5 acres Pt Tr Cobb Prop and Lot 14, $0.

Kay H. Bowden to Kay H. Bowden, Lot 25 Ph 1 Founders Point, $0.

Jonathan Joseph Mayer to Angelique A. Burrell, Eagle Harbor Tr 1 Ph 1/D, $427,120.

Norm Knight Pongratz to Norma D. Knight Pongratz, Unit C Bldg 500 Ph 16 Bridgewater, $0.

Warren V. Ellis to Warren V. Ellis Tr., Lot 4 Sec 2 Cherry Grove Acres, $0.

Laura S. Gregory to Joshua Grizzle, Lot 7 Sec 1 Rountree Meadows-N/D, $152,000.

Joseph C. Robinson Tr to Judy Candis, Lot 3 Cecil W. Gwaltney Subd Prop-H/D, $85,500.

William K. Barlow executor to David C. English, 5.14 acres Par B B.B. Ferguson Jr. Est-N/D, $385,000.

William K. Barlow executor to David C. English, White Marsh Farm and Parcel Rt 620-N/D, $387,800.

Chad J. Albert to Wayne Rusbuldt, 10 acres Par 1 K Marshall Seward-H/D, $435,000.

James F. Chapman to Robert Blackwell Chapman, 1 acre Rts 665 and 667, $0.