Heritage Day is an important event in our lives

Published 10:52 am Wednesday, September 13, 2017

To the Editor:

This past weekend my family and I enjoyed visiting the 26th Heritage Day at the Southampton Agriculture and Forestry Museum.

As a native of Southampton County, I could certainly appreciate the various displays that covered events or practices that I grew up experiencing, or heard my father share from his past, and to me this is the core of having such a day.

As we ourselves are products of the past, the sharing of experiences and practices from yesteryear reminds us where we came from, what we did and how we came to be who we are. We can reminisce on days gone by and take the traditions handed down to us and share them with our children. This is why such events as the Heritage Day are important in our lives, and we would like to thank each person involved in making this experience come to life.

Hope to see this again next year.

Jonathan Varnell
Elm City, North Carolina