Where there are steaks, there are people

Published 12:43 pm Saturday, September 9, 2017

Rain or no rain, the Boykins Lions Club presented its annual steak feast on Wednesday afternoon.

For the 46th year, large, mouth-watering steaks were expertly prepared on a grill under the shelter that was built decades ago for just such an occasion.

Linda Beatty said that 373 people went through the line, including the takeout meals. Last year just a little over 500 came to the event.

Beatty added she was amazed at how many folks came out to the feast. At times, the downpour was quite heavy. But the shelter is fairly large to accommodate hungry diners. There were also a couple of tents set up for guests who wanted to socialize and enjoy beverages.

The estimated amount raised before expenses is approximately $11,190.

After the steaks and other supplies are paid, the profit swill be used locally.

“All the money goes to to help people with eye exams and eyeglass needs, handicapped ramps and other needs of people in the community. Not one penny goes to club administrative accounts,” said Beatty.