Students, school buses deserve your extra attention

Published 8:54 am Saturday, September 2, 2017

A new school year starts on Tuesday — where did the summer go — and a new opportunity to remind all concerned to be extra alert for students as they daily make their way to school by walking or riding the buses.

We urge parents to teach their children about the proper way to get on and off the vehicles. Some examples that immediately come to mind: Be on time at designated pick-up points. Don’t dart into the streets as vehicles pass by. Don’t dawdle getting on the bus.

No less important is the lesson of etiquette once aboard. The bus is not a playground for shouting and horsing around on the floor. Drivers don’t have the time to discipline such foolishness. We trust each driver will inform their young passengers of the do’s and don’ts on buses.

Those of us whose daily commute includes school buses are reminded to be patient and not to attempt passing a stopped vehicle with its red sign extended as students embark and disembark.

We also recall the accident of when a truck collided with a school bus one afternoon in mid-March. Quick thinking and good training on the bus driver’s part helped prevent the incident from becoming a tragedy. We trust all drivers have been properly educated for their work, and are confident they’ll make safety the daily priority.