Help for Houston

Published 5:26 pm Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Around here, we know a little something about floods.
For many of us, the memories of Floyd are as vivid as if Main Street was still submerged under floodwater. Yet as traumatic as that event was for this community, the catastrophic flooding occurring along the Gulf Coast right now is beyond compare.
The images coming out of Houston and the surrounding area tell a tale of complete and total devastation. But they also showcase the inherent dignity of the human spirit; neighbors helping neighbors, strangers risking their own lives to save those of strangers. The outpouring of love and compassion is an uplifting reminder that we are capable of so much more than recent displays of hate and intolerance seen across the country in recent days.
Although what we experienced from Floyd pales in comparison to what is taking place along the Gulf Coast of Texas, we know firsthand what the people of Houston most desperately need: prayers, and resources. To the extent that they are willing and able, we encourage our friends and neighbors to give freely of both.