No one’s immune from difficult times

Published 2:25 pm Saturday, August 26, 2017

The news about Rising Star Baptist Church burning to the ground on Wednesday has been both distressing and saddening. The first because it’s so difficult taking in that the event happened at all, and second the realization that a sanctuary has apparently been destroyed by an act of weather.

Since arson is not a reported consideration, then we’re inclined for now to believe that stormy weather had a major part in the fire. For example, as reported, two people said they saw lightning hit the church.

Lest we forget, thanks should be extended to all firefighters and other first responders who attended the scene. Their efforts were valiant.

Be that as it may, now is the time for church members to mourn the loss. Perhaps those who have been so directly affected by the incident have been asking, “Why us?”

But we must remind them that no one is exempt from tragedy or other misfortunes in life, often through no fault of anyone. Further, they should also keep in mind a church is not a building, but the members who come together in worship and service to their Lord.

We also trust that the congregation will eventually move toward a new goal of rebuilding, and that the surrounding community will support those efforts every way that it can offer. We look forward to reporting the church’s phoenix-like rebirth.