Published 12:48 pm Saturday, August 19, 2017

The recent problem with utility bills in the City of Franklin going out in a timely fashion has received plenty of attention both during city council meetings and in this newspaper.

The bottom line is that after 90 days of the new billing system’s implementation, continued delays and hiccups are inexcusable.

We may never know where the blame truly lies. Whether it is a flawed operating system or operator error is irrelevant. The residents of Franklin deserve better, and there needs to be some accountability. Continued apologies and excuses have long since become inadequate. The time for this issue to be resolved is now.

City administrators must take swift action to ensure that, beginning with the very next billing cycle, bills go out accurately and on time.

If that means the software company sends representatives to camp out in city hall until it is resolved, then that would be appropriate. If the city manager himself has to move into the billing office to lend an extra set of hands, then so be it.

Franklin residents pay a hefty tax rate to ensure there is adequate staff, and one that is properly trained, to handle the city’s business, as well as the cost of the utility services themselves.

It is time for city staff to do whatever is required to fix this problem, and fix it now.