Land transfers

Published 10:20 am Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Southampton  County

The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court for the month of July.

Amy D. Davis to Loretta E. Allen, Franklin City Lot 25, $159,900.

Kathy L. McCabe to Edward L. Raiford, $180,000.

Benjamin Stevan Dillon, Probate will, $0.

Justin Eric Epnett to SG17 LLC, Franklin City Lot 22 Section One River Road, $125,000.

William H. Cotton to Donnita Cotton, Franklin City 420 Stonewall Street, $50,000.

Gary W. Lambert to Andrea B. Hill, Franklin City Lot 4, $120,000.

Donna Wilson to James T. Hudgins, Fourth Avenue Franklin City, $142,000.

David R. Ricks to James T. Cooke Jr., Franklin City, $35,000.

Equity Trustees LLC to Ever Bank, Trust Inst. #140001485 and #150001070, $73,367.79.

Hunterdale Investments LLC to Derek W. Ayers, Franklin City Lot 12, $206,000.

Hunterdale Investments LLC to Terry Evens, Franklin City Lot 44 Section Two Holliknol, $185,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Patrick A. McConnell, Franklin City Inst. #17000849, $170,000.

David P. Kaczmarek to James Hisaw, Franklin City Lots 51A and 52A, $166,000.

Jonathan D. Horton to Katherine L. White, Franklin City, $148,000.

Harvie L. Ricks to Harvie L. Ricks, Franklin City Lots 6 and 7 in Block B, $0.

Equity Trustees LLC Tr. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Trust Inst. #00002020, $27,317.

Celester Jones Robinson to Celester Jones Robinson, Franklin City, $0.

Hursell McClain Fowler, Record will and qualify, $0.

James Evans, Real estate affidavit 1/6th Int. in TP 137 082 23, $0.

Nathan William Evans Sr., Real estate affidavit 1/6th Int. TP 137 082 23, $0.

Sheila Harris, Real estate affidavit 1/24th Int. TP 137 082 23, $0.

Ruby Tillery to Michael B. Smith, Franklin City Lot 3, $30,000.

Tamisha Nicole Jones to Michael B. Smith, Franklin City 611 Oak Street, $47,500.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Bobby L. Boyd, 120 Holly Cove Street Franklin City, $75,240.

Martha T. Griffith to Richard L. Evans Jr., Franklin City, $229,500.

W. Glenn Mabe, Real estate affidavit for TP 088 031 19, $0.

Carter Lee Hudgins to John S. Peters, Franklin City Homestead Road 2 parcels, $255,000.

Herbert M. Johnson Jr. to Joseph Purvis Jr., Franklin City Lot 3 Gillette Subdivision Section II, $170,000.

Samuel I. White P.C. Tr. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Trust Inst. #100002719, $31,939.

Harvie L. Ricks to Ricks Children Trust, Franklin City Lots 6 and 7 Block B, $0.

Midfirst Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Boykins Dist. 1 acre, $10.

Gordon B. Calhoun to Travis W. Albert, Berlin Ivor Dist., $220,000.

Zachery David Dojaquez to Martin J. Kashevaroff, Jerusalem Dist. 4.06 acres, $265,000.

Marie E. Johnston to Avis L. Story, Berlin Ivor Dist., $16,494.49.

Michael D. Luter to Tyler N. Egerton, Berlin Ivor Dist., $87,500.

Homezelle B. Chambers to Steven Taylor, Jerusalem Dist., $114,800.

Nancy Lynn Goldman to Anthony E. White, Boykins Town, $92,000.

Robert E. Lyons Sr., Real estate affidavit, $0.

Martha Wren Briggs, Probate will and app, $0.

John J. Moore Jr. to Virginia Electric and Power Co., $0.

Glen M. Clark to Cody A. Price, Berlin Ivor Dist. 5.4308 acres, $300,000.

J.P. Faulk to Wesley L. Cashwell, Southampton County 14.873 acres, $37,000.

Kevin M. Cooper to Curtis Stacy, Southampton County 20.489 acres, $43,000.

William M. Nock Living Trust to William M. Nock, Southampton County and Frainklin City, $0.

Nicholas Donald Fancher to Mark D. Fancher, Franklin Dist. 1.001 acres, $0.

Lenora J. Dudley, $0.

James Oliver Whitfield to King S. Whitfield Jr., Angelico Road Capron, $0.

Evans and Bryant PLC to Virginia Housing Development A, Trust Inst. #080001163, $68,000.

Madeline Grace Robertson to Madeline Grace Riddick, $0.

Blackwater Land and Timber to Union Level Land and Timer, Franklin Dist., $671,582.14.

Union Level and Timer to Don Bright, Franklin Dist. 161.7 acres, $45,510.

Professional Foreclosure Corp to Federal National Mortgage Association, Trust Inst. #070001440 and Inst. #170001285, $39,300.

Jeffrey V. Pulley to Virginia Electric and Power Co., Southampton County 10162 Doles Road, $0.

Amanda Lynn Crumpler to Amanda Lynn Crumpler, Southampton County multiple parcels, $0.

Steven D. Romer to Steven D. Romer, Jerusalem Dist. 2 parcels, $0.

Guiseppina Volo to GAGC Enterprise Inc., 3.581 acres Jerusalem Dist., $275,000.

Equity Trustees LLC to Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc., Trust Inst. #120003100, $52,400.

Wilbur Lee Sumlar Jr., Real estate affidavit – Branchville AKA Wilbur Junior Sumlar, $0.

Milton Thomas Futrell, Probate will, $0.

Michael E. Thompson to Joseph L. Waldner, Berlin Ivor Dist., $159,500.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Sparkmaster 5 Company LLC, 30310 Ior Road Jerusalem Dist., $59,000.

Lewis B. Freeman, Record real estate affidavit, $0.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Berlin Ivor Dists., $253,470.33.

PNC Bank to Linda N. Vick, 29034 Main Street Newsoms Town, $55,777.

Christopher M. Fatherly to Christopher M. Fatherly, Branchville Town of, $0.

BOKF NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Drewryville Dist. 13095 Old Belfield Road, $50,840.

Jean Alice Whitfield Taylor, Record list of heirs, $0.

Barry Neal Taylor Sr. to Donnie P. Whifield, Capron Dist., $4,700.

Cliff Fox to Monica Texie Marks, Capron Dist., $70,000.

Phillips Timber Investments to Sea View Investments LLC, 800 acres Drewryville Dist., $1,052,730.

William C. Arrington III to Jacob W. Gray, 3 acres Newsome Dist., $137,000.

John H. Stephenson III to Lillie Danielle Powell, Berlin Ivor Dist., $85,000.

George N. Reid, Real estate affidavit 49-21, $0.

Peter R. Brown to Eleanor Loretta Brown Bailey, Newsoms Dist., $0.

Walter Michael Beale Tr. to Paul Thomas Milteer, 171.129 acres Franklin Dist and 311.691 acres Newsoms Dist. Plat PG 36 PG 18, $627,534.

Elizabeth Francis Brown, Record will and appoint executor, $0.

Lucinda Marie Cousins to Emory Greene, Drewryville Dist., $0.

C and K Homes Inc. to Todd J. Miller, Jerusalem Dist. 1.71 acres, $233,200.

Russel P. Boes to Tidewater Custom Modular Homes, Franklin Dist. 13.358 acres, $46,800.

Equity Trustees LLC to Finance of America Reverse, Trust Inst. #140001706, $51,000.

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Berlin Ivor Dist. 36170 Seacock Chapel Road, $10.

Howard P. Warren to Nathaniel Warren, Courtland Town Lot 4 Shands Estates, $0.

Harold L. Gibbs to Peter R. Gibbs, 1.588 acres Statesville Road Newsoms Dist., $100,000.

Nanie Mae AKA to Kimberly N. Williams, Boykins Dist. 2 parcels, $35,000.

Melinda Ann Dickens to Gregory A. Mason, 26256 Ridley Road Newsoms Dist., $0.

Tracie L. Allen to Amber B. Ross, Franklin Dist., $141,000.

Millard Eley Whitehead Jr. to Frederick Brent Felts, Boykins Town Lots 36 and 37, $0.

Julia Reid and Thomas Vestal, Franklin City Lot 3 Section One River Road Farms, $0.

Bronco Federal Credit Union to Robert L. Cutchins II, Franklin City Lot 3 Section One River Road Farms, $157,900.

Joe A. Whitfield to Donnie P. Whitfield, Capron Dist., $5,300.

D. Keith Wright to MT Real Estate Properties, Boykins Dist. Lots 19A and 20A, $30,000.

Nottoway Farms LLC to Virginia Commonwealth of Virginia, Southampton County multiple parcels, $0.

Bank of America NA to Williams S. Drewry II, Trust Inst. #170001529, $0.