Crime Reports

Published 10:22 am Friday, August 11, 2017

Franklin Police Department


7/31 – 8/6

Tommie Richards, 36, shoplifting, drunk in public

Christopher Stephens, 47, grand larceny

Regina Knight, 34, assault and battery of law enforcement officer

Taylor Porter, 55, drunk in public

Leonidas Cutchin, 18, threats over telephone

Brenda M. Williams, 27, capias

Derwate K. Lankford, 24, drunk in public

Reginald A. Vincent, 46, suspended driver’s license

Lakennith Kindred, 34, curse and abuse

Sherene G. Bulls, 35, hit and run

Southampton County Sheriff’s Office

incident reports

8/4 – 8/6

Disabled vehicle, General Thomas Highway, Newsoms

911 hang up, Martin St., Franklin

MVA – no injuries, Skyline Drive, Wakefield

MVA – with injuries, Smiths Ferry Road, Franklin

Animal bite – AC

Alarm – general, South Main St.

Disturbance, General Mahone Blvd., Ivor

Funeral escort, Doles Road

MVA – no injuries, Whitehead Road, Branchville

Alarm – general, Homestead Lane, Franklin

MVA – unknown injuries, General Mahone Blvd., Ivor

EMS call – illness, Woodland Road, Franklin

EMS call – fall, Woodland Road, Franklin

EMS call – illness, Main St., Courtland

MVA – no injuries, Rochelle Swamp Road, Newsoms

EMS call – illness, Old Bridge Road, Courtland

Loud noise – music, Blackhead Signpost Road, Courtland

Fire – brush or woods, Grays Shop Road, Newsoms

Road hazard, Governor Darden Road, Courtland

EMS call – illness, Pinopolis Road, Capron

Welfare check, Sycamore Ave., Sedley

Mental subject, General Mahone Blvd., Ivor

Unlock vehicle – urgent

Disturbance, North Drive

Disabled vehicle, Barrow Road, Capron

Unlock vehicle – not urgent, Armory Drive, Franklin

Animal – nuisance call – AC, Tucker Swamp Road, Zuni

EMS call – fall, West Main St.

Disturbance, Oak Trail, Courtland

Assault – domestic – in progress, Deloatche Ave., Boykins

Disturbance, One Mile Road, Zuni

Break and enter – residence, Mission Church Road, Zuni

Road hazard, Meherrin Road, Boykins

MVA – no injuries, New Road, Ivor

Alarm – fire, Southampton Pkwy., Courtland

Assault – domestic – not in progress, Clarksbury Road, Boykins

Sign down – road sign, Smiths Ferry Road, Franklin

MVA – with injuries, Smiths Ferry Road, Franklin

Disturbance, General Mahone Blvd., Ivor

Miscellaneous, Willow Circle, Courtland

Public assist, Southampton Pkwy., Capron

Unlock vehicle – not urgent, Cherokee Drive, Franklin

Welfare check, Broadwater Road, Ivor

MVA – no injuries, General Thomas Highway, Newsoms

Road blocked, Holloman Drive, Ivor

Alarm – general, Storys Station Road, Courtland

Disturbance, Sykes Drive, Drewryville

Unlock vehicle – not urgent, Southampton Pkwy., Courtland

EMS call – fall, Mount Horeb Road, Franklin

Disturbance, Medicine Springs Road, Courtland

Funeral escort, Southampton Pkwy., Emporia

Animal control info – AC

Animal control info – AC, Main St.

Reckless driving, Tucker Swamp Road, Ivor

Animal control info – AC, Warrique Road, Ivor

Disturbance, Bertorna Drive, Drewryville

EMS call – fall, Depot St., Newsoms