All schools strive for excellence

Published 10:28 am Friday, August 11, 2017

Contrary to a popular misconception, we actually do report positively on people and events, and enjoy that when it happens, which is more frequently than some might realize. A case in point is the news on Wednesday of two area schools earning the Virginia Board of Education’s Distinguished Achievement Awards. Nottoway Elementary in Southampton County and Carrsville Elementary in Isle of Wight County were among 231 schools in the state to receive the recognition.

All that, according to the information received, was part of the 2017 Virginia Index of Performance. That program lauds “schools and school divisions for the achievement of excellence goals established by the governor and Board of Education and provides incentives for continuous improvement,” according to Julie Grimes, communications manager for the Virginia Department of Education.

While both the Nottoway Cougars and Carrsville Bulldogs have obviously been tapped for honors, they’re not the only places that vigorously strive to achieve excellence. We know for certain that the faculty and staff of each school in Western Tidewater are hard at work each year to educate and inspire the children and young men and women.

To take a line from Nottoway Principal Susan Melby’s reaction, the teachers and staff everywhere are “the heart and soul” of their respective schools.

It’s just a matter of time before the BOE sees that and spotlights their efforts and results as well.