Summer Jam Youth have big fun in Virginia Beach

Published 9:38 am Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The youth of the Franklin Summer Super Jam were on the buses early Friday morning, bound for the oceanfront at Virginia Beach. Upon arriving, it was straight to the beach to face the mighty waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Running, jumping and becoming completely wiped out by the waves was the thrill of the day for the youth. Although many had experienced waves in a wave pool, it was no comparison to the power and size of an ocean wave.

After de-sanding at a wash-off station on the boardwalk, it was back on the buses for lunch at Mount Trashmore. Upon wolfing down the meal, the youth ran quickly to the top of Mount Trashmore for a group photo. Afterward, there were many runs up and rolling down the massive hill.

The youth could not leave the park without visiting the playground that was loaded with various park play structures, which they all enjoyed.

Back on the buses again and it was off to the final stop of the day, Iceland Ice Skating Rink of Virginia Beach. Many of the youth now donned coats, jackets and warmer clothing to endure the cold. Some of the youth having tried iceskating on previous trips, or those that were experienced roller skaters, had no problem on skating on the thin blade on the ice. But also, many felt the true coldness and hardness of the ice as they fell a few times during this new exposure to a new sport.

Quite a few of the youth were soon spotted in the concession area purchasing hot chocolate.

In all it was a good day for the youth to be a kid and have pure fun.

The Franklin Summer Super Jam program is sponsored by the Franklin Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Virginia and the Franklin Department of Parks & Recreation.