A playful anniversary gift

Published 12:00 pm Saturday, August 5, 2017

Even the simplest of good times have a price tag.

Swing sets, merry-go-rounds, jungle gyms, slides and any other kind of playground equipment one can image no more grow on trees than money.

Sad, but true.

Thankfully, a locally formed partnership will make it possible for children and their parents to enjoy a new playground at Armory Park starting in early October.

The inspiration came from the good people at the Franklin Mill of International Paper who wanted to mark the fifth anniversary of the factory’s start-up. Rather than throw some sort of elaborate party for themselves, they instead looked outward. Approaching the city for ideas, they found in the need to overhaul the playground.

Along with funding from the International Paper Foundation, which was matched by the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation, there’s also money coming from the Obici Healthcare Foundation and Franklin Southampton Charities. Likely, other donations will come in within the months to come.

Top that with the expertise from KaBoom!, the people who know playgrounds, and the work is in earnest to create an anniversary gift that will last for years and years.

The children who enjoy the park might not ever know who’s responsible for their fun, but we do, and we thank all involved.