Learning is elementary even in summer school

Published 9:37 am Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The idea of summer school might seem like a real drag to many students, but those who attended classes at Riverdale Elementary proved on Tuesday they have had fun this learning this season.

“Summer Quest Portal to Success” was the theme of the Southampton County Public Schools Elementary Summer School Expo.

Ameshia Warren, who has been the program manager for her second year, explained that different topics were available to the students.

Those in kindergarten through second grade had “Reading Around the World.” For example, they found out how the story of Cinderella is told in other lands.

The third graders built simple machines, such as the catapults made by Abrielle Stewart, Ariana Dodson and Diamond Dunelow.

Daniel Winne, a fourth grader going on to fifth grade, studied air and space. The solar system was part of those subjects. He came up with his own planet, Camouflage; other students had equally imaginative extra-terrestrial worlds. In addition to the fifth graders studying about living things, animals and plant, there was also a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math section, with students focusing on related projects, such as the hydraulic arm used to move objects such as pingpong balls.