Youth of Franklin Summer Super Jam visit Langley Air Force Base

Published 10:33 am Friday, July 21, 2017

The youth and staff of the Franklin Summer Super Jam program traveled to Hampton on Friday to tour Langley Air Force Base. In October 2010, congressional legislation ordered the consolidation of two facilities — Langley and the Army’s Fort Eustis — into a single joint base. This facility is one of 12 formed in the U.S. during this action by congress.

While on the base, the group was taken first to the training center of military dogs. These animals are trained to detect drugs, explosive materials and perform detaining for persons trying to escape a possible arrest by their military police trainer. The group next was taken to a flight line fire station and given a very intense tour of the facility.

Because of the security of the base, the group was not able to see up-close the F-22 Raptor aircraft that is housed at the base. They were able to only see them fly by on takeoff. After observing other sites on the base, the group was taken to the dining hall for lunch.

Upon leaving, the group also toured the Air Power Park, which is only a few miles away. For this short stopover, the youth took a self-guided tour of the visitors center and park, which had many displays featuring jets, missiles and rockets.

The Franklin Summer Super Jam program is sponsored by the Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Virginia and the Franklin Department of Parks & Recreation.