Faith and sweat build communities

Published 10:25 am Friday, July 21, 2017

For years, the Southampton/Franklin Habitat for Humanity has regularly assisted a city or county resident in building his or her first home. The ceremony in Boykins on Saturday afternoon was just the latest example of how the local organization has lived up to its mission. That purpose being stated on the sign in the front lawn: “We build homes, lives and communities through faith.”

We referenced faith, and we’re pleased to learn that Habitat here and elsewhere does not require a homeowner to belong to or convert to any particular religion or denomination. Membership in a church should not be a requirement to become a homeowner.

The project is not a handout. Most notably, all future homeowners must invest themselves in the familiar “sweat equity” of helping in the construction. They become truly invested in their dwelling. Nor is the property free. The arrangement is for the homeowner to regularly make payments toward the mortgage, albeit at a helpful rate for many years.

Further, we commend all who volunteer their time and talents to make these dreams possible for responsible homeowners. They, too, are putting themselves into creating a stronger and better place to live in Western Tidewater.

Finally, we wish the latest homeowner and her family many, many happy and productive years.

As one of the board members put it that day, “I knew we had made the right choice.”