Quartet records gospel single

Published 12:26 pm Saturday, July 15, 2017

Playfully inspired one day at church four years ago, Deanna Williams began singing “I made it!” She got other members to join in the call-and-response style. At the time, her husband, Anthony Williams Sr., was present and accompanied them on keyboards. That joyful moment has since grown to become a gospel single to be released next weekend.

Deanna remembered that occasion the other day.

“On the Move for God Apostolic Ministries was birthed on Feb. 28, 2013, through our founder, Pastor Paulette E. Eley and co-founder Charles H. Eley Sr. During the process of preparing for the upcoming first service [we were] doing renovations and making a joyful noise unto the Lord,” she stated, and added that Deacon Leon Edwards, Crystal Eley, Mary Edwards and herself were present along with Anthony, who was the first musician and had composed the notes on the keyboard.

A few months ago, Deanna and three other church members — her daughter, Jaleesa Pierce, Crystal Eley and Mary Edwards — decided to record the song as a way of inspiring other people. They have done so through HP Music and Arts in Windsor, which is overseen by Apostle Laequinla Hunter and Ernest Hunter, who also created Community Harvest Outreach Inc.

The single will be released for download on Saturday, July 22, via iTunes, Google Play and cdbaby. A “Listening/Gathering” party, as Deanna calls it, is being planned though no date has yet been determined.

The quartet has also been inspired to seriously consider and plan for a full album, but there’s no word on when that will happen.

Edwards also recalled the occasion.

“We were doing some renovations and all of sudden we started cutting up. Deanna starting singing; her husband was playing the keyboards. We didn’t know the song — she’s forever singing songs — I think she just made it up on the spot. We were spirit-led.”

Growing up in her family, it seemed to her that they were always singing, whether it was cleaning up or going on vacation.

As a child of 12, Edwards belonged to Faith Temple Apostolic Church in Suffolk, where Bishop Obadiah Colander was pastor. His daughter was the choir director, and that impressed her so much that she decided to do that work, and has been for 30 years. After the death, Edwards moved to Franklin and has become the minister of music at On the Move.

Eley was interviewed about the event, and said, “I have just been blessed to be involved with the project. I’m excited for her and the group [Minister Deanna Williams and Chozen] as well.”

Raised in a church like the others, Eley has also been active in choirs while growing up — she sings alto — and plays tambourines and other in-hand instruments.

Pierce was not present at the event, but is pleased to be included.

“It was new, but fun and exciting,” she said about the recording.

In the choir and with the group, Pierce sings soprano. She also does praise dancing and teaching children’s Sunday School. Her father, Pierce added, played many instruments, though, and was one of the first keyboard players at the church.

“We want to let everybody know it’s our first project, and it’s put out to encourage you,” she said. “That no matter what you’re going through, you can make with it God on your side.”

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