Franklin school board OKs $16.89M budget

Published 9:40 am Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Franklin City Public School Board approved on Thursday the $16.89M budget for 2017-2018, which becomes effective on Saturday, July 1. The amount is $513,910 less than the 2016-2017 budget, according to the details listed in the document attached on the school system’s website.

In earlier business, the board approved standards of student conduct.

Disciplinary violations have been divided into four categories. The first includes cheating or plagarism,  as well as disruptive behavior in school or on the buses as inappropriate behaviors.

Required consequences include warnings or reprimands and for teachers to notify parents. Counseling or suspension are other possible outcomes.

The second level includes damaging school property or leaving school without permission.

Warning and a parent conference are required.

Longer suspension and even referral for treatment are potential actions.

The third level includes fighting and sexual harassment, with immediate suspension and appearance before a discipline committee. An alternative placement is a possible consequence.

The fourth level includes arson, bomb threats or burglary, with suspension and a meeting with the discipline committee required. Long-term suspension or expulsion are also potential outcomes.

  • At the second reading of the proposed salary scales and extra duty supplement chart, the board also made approval.

The salary scale for a teacher with no experience ranges from $40K working for 10 months; $44K working for 11 months; and $48K working for 12-months.

For a teacher with 30 years, he or she could earn $52,635; $56,688; and $64,024, respectively.