Violence in society

Published 10:47 am Friday, June 23, 2017

To the Editor:

Violence is a major concern in society. So starting right now, it’s time for the community to come together, and try to put a stop to the violence in the community.

Violence in my life started at a very young age; guns, alcohol, fast cars and hanging out late nights landed me in prison 48 years ago. I am still in prison today because of the above mentioned facts: so to those who are out there indulging in violence, and senseless crimes, it’s time to back off and help make the community a safe environment to live in. Every citizen in society has a responsibility to stand and come together against violence in the community.

Every day you read the newspaper, or turn on the radio, or watch the television, and all you hear, read about and see is some senseless crime that has been committed. I’m speaking from experience, and not from what someone told me. People in the community can’t even sit on the porch, walk the streets, go to school or even go shopping without some crime being committed.

If you are, however, caught and convicted, you could be punished severely for those crimes. If you are not punished severely, there lies the greatest hope of reform in you.

This once-proud way of life in society and the community is in a terrible mess. It has happened in the area of values. Could it be accountability? Accountability isn’t hard to define, it means that every person is responsible for his or her actions, and liable for their consequences.

In closing, to society and the community: come together in bringing a change about in trying to stop the violence in the community.

Charlie Everett Jr. #1030053
Greensville Correctional Center