Volunteers’ dedication, paper’s coverage appreciated

Published 9:35 am Monday, June 19, 2017

To the Editor:

Thanks to the phenomenal cove-rage by The Tidewater News this year, readers will know that Southampton and Sussex counties have a girls’ softball league, a boys’ baseball league, and coach pitch and T-ball leagues. What readers might not know is that the leagues are 100 percent volunteer, and are 100 percent self-funded. We play in six different communities within Southampton County and two in Sussex County. This year there were 62 teams, comprised of over 600 children, who played over 350 games during our season.

All of this was accomplished through the dedication and volunteerism of over a 100 coaches and the countless others who supported them. I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of those volunteers for their continued support of the league. Their efforts go well beyond coaching, as they are also the grounds-keepers, chefs, janitors, cashiers, maintenance crew, purchasing agents, equipment managers, mentors, referees, cheerleaders and more.

I would like to thank The Tidewater News for the weekly coverage of scores, photographs and standings. It has been refreshing to see so many local children in a positive environment!

Denise Wlodyka
League Director,
Southampton Girls’ Softball