Now the race really gets going

Published 11:24 am Friday, June 16, 2017

Western Tidewater residents made their choices clearly known on Tuesday of who they think will best represent the 64th District. The Republicans largely favor Emily Brewer, and the Democrats are putting their faith in Rebecca Colaw; incidentally, both women are from Suffolk.

Guys, we can only offer condolences here, and suggest that you continue to be involved in your respective communities, especially if any of you ever consider trying again for office.

We wish the respective two candidates luck and the endurance to get through the next several months as each increases the intensity of their respective campaigns.

Our other hope is that they’ll continue to pay close attention to what people are saying is needed to bolster economic development, transportation and other important aspects of life in the 64th. Then the person who is elected can go into office with a clear and strong plan to serve the district.