Cover 3 Youth Combine yields 109 participants

Published 10:03 am Wednesday, June 7, 2017

On April 22, Southampton High School’s football field had a total of 109 campers from local and surrounding areas to participate in Cover 3 Football’s first NFL Youth Combine. A total of 69 youths ages 8-13 and 40 youths ages 14-18 received instruction on and participated in combine drills while receiving both motivational tools and inspirational messages from former NFL players, current high school coaches and former surrounding area high school players.

Cover 3 Foundation founder and retired NFL player Greg Scott (Redskins) along with retired NFL players Percy Ellsworth (Giants), Riddick Parker (Patriots) and Zuriel Smith (Cowboys) were joined by local high school football coaches to assist participants in several basic combine drills while emphasizing the importance of safety.

Members of the Southampton County Sheriff’s Department were on hand for crowd control. Additionally, members of Kappa Epsilon PSI Military Sorority Inc. and C3F staff were on hand to assist with getting registered participants checked in and handing out C3F, C3’s Kid’s Meals sponsored meals after each session ended.

Members of the American Heart Association were on hand providing free blood pressure checks and pamphlets.

Sponsored by Cover 3 Football, the combine was open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis via online registration. At the end of each age group session, participants were able to take pictures with all of the retired NFL players.

“We are thankful for all parties that played a part in making the 2017 Youth Combine a success; we look forward to trying to make it happen again next year,” Scott said.