Candidate’s opponent making false claims

Published 10:27 am Wednesday, June 7, 2017

To the Editor:

I am writing to take a stand against some of the lies that I have seen in a certain candidate’s advertising lately. Claims have been made that Rex Alphin loves raising taxes and that he is anti-gun.

Do I agree with everything Rex has done as chairman? No, I do not. Would I rather that he not raised my taxes? Certainly, but I also understand that our county would be less developed and have a much larger debt today if taxes had not been raised. By raising my taxes the Board was able to put our county in a better position to lower taxes in the future while preserving its growth.

I have never known Rex to say or do anything against our Second Amendment rights or Stand Your Ground laws.

The false claims against Rex stem from not filing out a candidate questionnaire he never received. And if you look to the NRA, a far better known and more reputable Second Amendment organization than the one that claims he is anti-gun, Rex’s record is better than his opponent’s.

In this entire campaign, I have not seen one attack from Rex directed at his opponent; Yet that opponent ignores the reality of the financial situation the county was in and now straight-up lies about Rex’s stance on our gun rights.

I would rather vote for a candidate who I sometimes disagree with but is honest, than one who blatantly promotes lies to gain political office.

Dakota Bernacki