Learning doesn’t end with graduation

Published 10:55 am Monday, June 5, 2017

Just as it seems that Christmas is upon us before we know it, the same could be said for graduation season. The early school months last fall quickly traveled into winter with spring waiting in the wings, and now here we are again.

Last week, the senior class of Southampton Academy had its ceremony. Isle of Wight Academy seniors received their diplomas on Friday night. Next weekend, the public high schools in Courtland, Franklin and Windsor will be presenting the graduates their hard-earned certificates.

Undoubtedly, the faculty, students and their parents are asking themselves the same question: Where did the time go? At this point, though, does that question even matter anymore?

Now is the time for the graduates to look ahead. Undoubtedly, a college or university or a trade school are in their immediate futures. Learning certainly doesn’t stop after high school. If anything, the young hopefuls will be getting an education both in classrooms, on the job training and everywhere else in life.

We sincerely hope that when higher education and formal training have been completed, that many — if not most of the graduates — will look to return to Western Tidewater and enrich this area with what they’ve learned.

In the meantime, bon voyage!