Dukes honor their teachers

Published 11:08 am Monday, June 5, 2017

On Wednesday evening, eight graduating students from Windsor High School, as well as another eight from Smithfield High School, paid homage to the teachers they said had the most impact on them. The tribute took place in the Smithfield Center with the respective faculty as well as seniors’ parents. The students were those chosen as Senior of the Month at their high schools.

Hannah Weisenburger said of Luann Scott, “It seemed like you could ask her anything. She is a life-changing person. She treats everyone humanely and with respect. She’s an inspiration and aspiration.”

Grant Fabits said of Roland Downing, “My whole life, people have doubted me,” but quickly added that Downing has been an exception.

“He is the best coach and teacher and always encourages me,” said Grant, referring in part to his distance running for the school. “He is a special guy.”

Emily Guilford said of her mother and teacher, Heather Guilford, “She is the constant variable in my life.”

Katherine Zabinski also picked Luann Scott, who had urged her to go on to college. Indeed, the upcoming graduate is scheduled to attend The College of William and Mary this fall.

“Without her, I wouldn’t have a clue what to do in life,” she said of Scott.

Tabatha Davis said of Deborah McManaway, “When I think of my plans, it you I have to thank,” and added that she’ll be attending Virginia Tech in autumn.

Taylor-Rae Council also sang Roland Downing’s praises for his “efforts and sincerity of the past two years … and his interest and commitment.” She is looking toward one day becoming an engineer.

Lauren McKeel called Luann Scott her biggest influence and that she’s “always been a good role model. She goes the extra mile and always believed in us.”

Noah Smith called Virginia Beatty-Riffle’s dedication as “phenomenal,” and thanked her as well for her help in his applying for scholarships.

“It’s her passion to see kids grow,” he added.