Supporting Brewer

Published 9:17 am Friday, June 2, 2017

To the Editor:

The first time I met Emily Brewer she was training a group of law enforcement officers on new investigative tools. As a 20-year law enforcement professional in Western Tidewater my top priority for electing a new delegate is whether or not they will support law enforcement. Emily has a record of supporting the law enforcement community and first responders in general. Between the increasing threat of domestic terrorism and the out-of-control opioid epidemic, I know Emily Brewer will be a strong voice for keeping our communities safe.

Not only does Emily have experience training public safety officials across the state, but she has always been an active member in the first responders community. Emily was a volunteer for the Driver Volunteer Fire Department. I am glad to support someone like Emily Brewer who has fought hard for public safety and I hope she can count on your vote in the Republican Primary on June 13!

Tommy Potter