All lives matter

Published 11:28 am Saturday, May 27, 2017

To the Editor:

We were disappointed by what took place at the recent Board of Supervisors meeting. They completely ignored the request of county citizens to endorse the resolution to VDOT from the Planning Commission to reduce the speed on the 58 Business Corridor from 55 to 45 mph.

Petitions have been signed by over 1,100 people. The supervisors voted 6-to-1 not to support for now the recommendation unanimously sent from the Planning Commission. Only Dr. [Alan] Edwards voted to support the citizens’ request.

It is a matter of safety, but also of economics. That area has 28 businesses and has been zoned commercial/light industrial since the 1980s. If we want the world to know we are open for business, we certainly need to support the businesses we already have. Their tax dollars help us pay the county’s bills. A reduced speed limit is needed regardless of the traffic study.

Citizens have every right to expect the supervisors to listen and to support and to represent them.  Contrary to what was said at the meeting, no one has demanded that the speed be reduced, but it has been requested. Why do we want people to drive so fast through this corridor that they can’t see and appreciate it. Don’t we want them to stop?

It has been determined that to travel that strip at 45 mph takes only 20 more seconds than traversing it at 55 mph. Aren’t our citizens’ lives, our students on school buses from three different schools, our residents worth more than saving less than a minute in route to the ports? After all, they do have to slow up to 45 MPH as they pass by Suffolk and Emporia. We know at least three people who have lost their lives along that route, including our friend Mrs. “Peter” Carter from Newsoms.


Glenn and Lynda Updike